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Why should women have all the fun with wallpaper? Porsche Design wallpaper collections give men a high-quality option to show off their taste and style – all without an expensive car. In fact, the aesthetics that make Porsche cars so famous are carried over into their wallpaper collections; sleek, powerful and masculine. Porsche wallpaper really is a must for the sophisticated modern man with taste. more
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Product range: Subtlety and Puristic Design Language

Clean lines and no-frills designs – that is what defines Porsche Design. Concise patterns paired with a subdued color palette ranging from airy beige tones to rich anthracite say more with less. Careful attention has been paid to the lines, embossed structures and textures that provide a special visual experience when the wallpaper is exposed to the light, adding unbelievable depth to the walls in a way that paint can never compete. Make a statement with Porsche wallpaper.

The different wallpapers within Porsche’s collections have been expertly made to complement each other and create harmony in a space through the use of multiple designs. When furnishing a room with Porsche wallpaper, match the style flawlessly with modern minimalist furniture style or use the quiet confidence of the wallpaper as a backdrop to your showpiece furniture.

Created by the renowned designers of F.A. Porsche, this exclusive collection uses high-quality materials so that your timeless Porsche wallpaper will endure for years to come. So forget the short-lived mainstream and embrace the extraordinary.

Studio F. A. Porsche – A Story of Great Design

In 1972, Professor F. A. Porsche, who designed the legendary Porsche 911, founded the Porsche Design Studio on Stuttgart, but since 1974, the company headquarters has been located in Zell am See, Austria. There, Porsche develops and designs a range of products for international clients, and has enjoyed incredible success worldwide. They have won numerous awards and notably, they are a four-time winner of the Red Dot Award for product design. But it is more than just their cars are getting attention; both their Alpha Piano and the P’8678 sunglasses have already won awards as well. In 2017 at the German Design Awards, they have already won four awards including one for their Roadster Hardcase Black Edition luggage and one for the design of their ‘Space One’ headphones.

In addition to branded clothing, household appliances and industrial products, wallpaper is now a part of the design studio’s portfolio. Together with wallpaper manufacturer, A.S. Création, they are creating more and more award worthy high-quality designs.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Tasteful Setup:

    Porsche Design brand wallpaper works well with minimalist decor and other modern patterns. Consider matching a metallic Posche wallpaper with furniture that has hints of shiny chrome on it. Other ideas include the use of manly leather furniture, or Bauhaus styled furniture, both of which would correspond perfectly to this aesthetically sophisticated brand of wallpaper.

  2. Stylish Combinations:

    The wallpapers within a Porsche wallpaper collection are pre-coordinated with patterns and colors that optimally complement each other without too much effort. Try using two wallpapers in the same pattern but different colors in a room, or try staying within the same color but choose different patterns. This is a great way to create focus where you want it but still tie the entire room together.

  3. Perfect Lighting:

    The right lighting will really bring out the best of your Porsche wallpaper due to the impressive structure and finishes that each design has been given. With a hidden spotlight on the floor, you can consciously bring focus to the expressive structure and patterning of your wallpaper, or skillfully emphasize the metallic finish.

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