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Brands are something established; they represent trust and their own unique philosophy that consumers identify with. With wallpaper, this brands philosophy will influence the life in your home, be it with the youthful lightness and vitality of an Esprit collection, the romantic femininity of Brigitte brand wallpaper or the bold masculinity of Porsche designs. more
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Product Range: Porsche, Esprit, Zuhause Wohnen, Schöner Wohnen & Brigitte Home

Our brandname wallpaper selection offers huge variety and certainly, the right wallpaper for any taste. For the stylish and quality-conscious bachelor pads and man-caves, Porsche’s sleek wallpaper designs are a must. Fans of Esprit’s fashion forward clothing lines will surely love their playfully modern take on wallpaper. The brand Zuhause Wohnen, offers coziness and harmony central to everything with their foolproof complimentary wallpapers. ‘Schöner Wohnen’ means ‘better living’ in German and this is exactly what the Schöner Wohnen brand achieves in your home. Finally, with Brigitte Design wallpapers, the modern-day woman’s home can exude the confidence she feels on the inside.

Jump in and find a style you never even knew existed or discover a new brand that fits you perfectly! Let your curiosity guide you into our colorful world of wallpaper brands.

What Brandname Wallpaper Offers

With our specially curated brands, know that you can trust these experienced designer’s sense of aesthetics and style to dress your home in always classy and fashion-forwards ways. These experts work hard to design their wallpapers to be accessible to everyone by drawing on in-depth knowledge and many years of experience. This is how new yet timeless designs are created. These brands all stand for quality which means that you can expect the use of quality materials that will surely endure for years to come.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Which brand suits me?:

    Can’t decide which wallpaper brand to go with? Browse through the shop and find one wallpaper that you love, then pay attention to our feature which suggests matching wallpapers. These will most of the time be within the same brand and can help you introduce a harmonious variety of wallpaper to your rooms. This matching help tool is available across our entire site too! In the case that you’ve already got a wallpaper and just need a complimentary one, feel free to send us a sample so that we can recommend some pretty perfect fits to bring out the best in your already selected wallpaper.

  2. Why only one design?:

    Within a collection of branded wallpaper, the designs have been expertly matched for foolproof combining. Develop depth and harmony in a room by going with more than one patter – of course one can be the statement while the others would more subtly compliment it. Don’t underestimate how much a single colored wallpaper can add to a space.

  3. Wallpaper and more:

    Many of the brand we offer also create other home products. Consider looking into the corresponding curtains, carpets and beddings that are often available on their websites. In this way, imagine how utterly complete and harmonious your space can be.

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