Michael Michalsky

If you are looking for stylish comfort and relaxation in the unrest of the big cities, the designer wallpapers by Michael Michalsky are just the thing for you. The patterns are unobtrusive, with carefully thought out graphics and give rooms style in a way that only designer wallpapers can convey - modern, straightforward and above all: timeless. These wallpapers bring comfort and the feeling of urban living into your four walls. more
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Product range: Wallpaper design with feel-good character

With their clear formal language and aesthetic and harmonious colours, Michael Michalsky's wallpapers make every room an oasis of comfort and are modern and stylish at the same time. The designs are expressive and multifaceted: besides striking patterns and eye-catching floral prints, soft tones and fine structures play an important role. The reduced colourfulness underlines the tranquillity that these wallpapers radiate; the designer uses a wide range of patterns for this. In addition to geometric shapes, you can find floral elements and unusual surface structures, which make the wallpaper also a haptic experience.

Multiple award winning multi-talented designer

Michael Michalsky, one of the most influential German designers, founded his fashion label in Berlin in 2006. Michalsky has not only made a big name for himself as a fashion designer but he has also successfully implemented projects in the areas of product design, interior design and corporate fashion with his design agency "MICHALSKY designLab" - so successful that he received the European Interior Design Award in 2016. Wallpaper collections also belong to the designer's portfolio. The cooperation with the manufacturer A.S. Création has already resulted in the creation of three wallpaper collections: Metropolis by Michalsky Living, Metropolis by Michalsky Living 2 and HIGH RISE by Michalsky Living. The Metropolis series was awarded the German Design Award in the "Home Textiles and Home Accessories" category in 2017. In his work, Michalsky likes to draw inspiration from music, art, youth culture and life and living in large cities. With his wallpaper, the designer would like to contribute to making spaces more comfortable and cosy and create a quiet zone in our fast-paced everyday life.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Using light as a design medium:The right lighting is the icing on the cake for the design of your living space and makes the sophisticated patterns of the designer wallpapers stand out even more. Spot strips on the ceiling or in the floor are suitable for this purpose, as they perfectly stage the graphic patterns of the wallpapers with their indirect illumination. A large designer lamp, which by its direct light source reinforces the spatial effect of striking decors, conveys a sense of style as well.
  2. Eye-catcher in your room: Striking geometric patterns are an absolute eye-catcher in every room. Use this effect to purposefully design one or two walls in the room with these expressive designs. This creates a particularly harmonious atmosphere and gives the eye-catching designer wallpapers the setting they need.
  3. Diversity of design combinations: With its simple colouring and reduced formal language, Michalsky's designer wallpapers fit to a variety of decoration styles - from modern high-gloss furniture to retro-styled furnishings, anything goes. Here, it is important to pick up the colour worlds of the wallpaper decors. Furniture in the same colours and light pastel tones are particularly suitable for black and white patterns. Brown and earth shades are best complemented with light furnishings in beige and white.
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