Luigi Colani

Tactile filigree patterns and structures from nature combined with modern metal effects are typical of Colani’s designer wallpapers. They give character to the walls, make them lively and transform them into haptic and visual worlds of experience. Colani’s wallpapers are a must for anyone who wants to excel in front of their visitors through a sophisticated sense of design and an eye for the extraordinary. more
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Product range: Nature and technology in perfect combination

Colani combines elements of nature and technology in his wallpaper designs: light, moving patterns reminiscent of grasses, tree bark-like grains and curved lines that seem like water surfaces are merged with metallic effects to aesthetic works of art. The whole is modern, opulent and yet not intrusive and lend the rooms a very special vitality. The striking relief structures of the decors, which give the walls a unique plasticity, also have a fascinating appeal. In some wallpaper creations, the designer enhances this by small jewellery accessories, such as hemispheres or drops, which he created to match his patterns and which can be customized.

The colour world in which Luigi Colani moves, is reserved: earth and metal tones dominate, perfectly emphasising the subtle elegance of the designer wallpapers. If you are looking for unusual wall decors which create a harmonious space experience simply through the combination of fine structures and exquisite materials, you certainly will find your favourite wallpaper here.

A designer full of dynamism

Luigi Colani was born in 1928 in Berlin and started his career as an automotive designer in Paris. Soon, plastics played a major role in his work, which he used not only for the designs of elegant car bodies, but also for modern furniture. But Colani did not only create visionary car designs; he also has aircraft, trains, cameras, sports equipment, sanitary products, jewellery and even computers in his famous portfolio. The successful designer worked in Germany, China, Japan, France and Switzerland. Bionics - an approach to the biodynamic forms of nature - played an important role in his work. This is also reflected in his wallpaper collections which he developed together with the Marburger Tapetenfabrik. These include Colani VISIONS and Colani EVOLUTION.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Increasing the three-dimensional effect: The relief effects of Colani's designer wallpaper unfold their full appeal in the play of light and shadow. Through the room lighting, you can intensify this effect and dramaturgy. Particularly effective is an indirect lighting with built-in lights and LED strips.
  2. Endless combination possibilities: In Colanis's collections of wallpapers, there is no clashing of large patterns and colourful graphics, so that the different decorations can be combined very well without causing any restlessness. This allows you to make your rooms more varied. One possibility here is to combine designs with different patterns but from the same colour world. Another possibility is to choose the same pattern in different colours.
  3. Matching interior design made easy: Colani’s wallpaper decors can be easily combined with a variety of living styles due to their simple elegance. You can match them with modern furniture with clear cubic shapes as well as a sophisticated baroque interior with antique chairs and shining brocade curtains.
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