Lars Contzen

Lars Contzen impresses invariably with very special and expressive wallpaper decors, thought through right down to the last detail. His design creations for walls have many faces, at that: retro, pop art and floral elements - the range of motifs is so diverse that you can find something for every taste and purpose. A particular specialty of the artist are surprising and illusionistic spatial effects, which make a highlight of every room. more
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Product range: Striking designs with a WOW effect

The themes and motifs of the designer wallpapers are diverse and play with stylistic elements of different periods of design and art. Connoisseurs and fans of bright 70s designs will certainly find something to their liking. Futuristic wallpapers with psychedelic effects and fascinating 3D effects remind of the 60s Op Art - perfect for setting up a cool loft or a trendy café with lounge character. Impressively different and a must for Pop Art lovers are Contzen's pointillist wallpaper decors. The motifs here are made up of innumerable small-scale shapes that only at a certain distance combine to a large whole.

The man behind the design

Frankfurt-born artist Lars Contzen creates wallpaper, furniture and flooring as well as concepts for living spaces and shops for customers from all over the world. The cheerful and graphically sophisticated designs of his wallpapers are timeless and full of joyous liveliness. His modern "Le Pop" floral design, a bold wallpaper design in the lounge style of the 1970s became the designer's trademark. Together with the manufacturer A.S. Création, Lars Contzen has already developed seven wallpaper collections, including Contzen 3, Contzen Four and Contzen Martrics. In his work, he likes to draw inspiration from nature, culture, fashion and technology as well as current trends in music and the youth scene and also the stylistic language of different style epochs. This diversity is reflected in his creations, which are full of contrasts and suspense and bring modern joie de vivre into the rooms.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Party Room with lounge character: Lars Contzen’s stylish and graphically expressive designer wallpapers are perfectly suited to create an iconic party room. In addition to choosing the right wallpaper design, it is important that the room, should it be in the basement, is not too moist and well ventilated. To ensure that the party mood does not leave any lasting marks on the walls, it is a good idea to choose washing-resistant fleece wallpapers here, as these are much more durable than their paper counterparts.
  2. Less is more: With its striking designs, many patterned wallpapers are not suitable for wallpapering entire rooms. Use these to consciously add accents in the room and emphasize individual walls deliberately, while the rest of the room gets decorated with a matching single-colour wallpaper.
  3. The louder the wallpaper, the quieter the furnishings: Colourful and gaudy wallpapers with fancy patterns are very dominant in themselves; so, you should choose decent counterparts for the interior design, which, with their simple design language, emphasise the wall design rather than compete with it. Bank on modern, clear furniture, without flourishes and monochromatic home textiles, so that the overall effect of the room does not become too restless
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