Harald Gloockler

Now it’s getting pompous! With our Gloockler designer wallpapers, you will get splendid glamour and sparkling luxury in your four walls and transform your home into a majestic castle, which astonishes every visitor. The wallpapers of Harald Gloockler want only one thing: attention. And they succeed in every case; because with their extravagant patterns and high-quality materials, they instantly draw all eyes in every room. more
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Product range: Gold lustre and finishes that will amaze your guests

Modesty was yesterday: Gloockler's designer wallpapers impress with their extraordinary and eye-catching patterns of lush ornaments and geometric shapes. The materials used have also fully maximised the possibilities of surface finishing, so that gold, silver and other precious metals shimmer in all nuances to outdo each other. You like glitter and glamour and have a foible for exceptional wall decor? Then you will love Harald Gloockler's rhinestone studded wallpaper creations. As only quality materials are used for the designer wallpapers, a lasting sensual living experience is guaranteed.

Absolutely pompous!

Together with his partner Dieter Schroth, Harald Gloockler founded the fashion label "Pompöös" in 1990. In addition to fashion and accessories, the eccentric designer also creates chocolates, porcelain, paintings and cosmetics. Typical for Harald Gloockler are extravagant decors and designs with precious metals and glittering rhinestones and of course the crown motif with the well-known Pompöös lettering. In the meantime, Gloockler has developed a number of successful collections of luxurious wallpapers, including Harald Gloockler, Gloockler DEUX, Gloockler Children’s Paradise and Gloockler Imperial, with the wallpaper maker Marburg.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Harmonious interior design full of elegance : Gloockler's luxury wallpapers are complemented by stylish furniture in the Baroque and Art Nouveau styles. Combine filigree chandeliers and candlesticks with wallpaper motifs with gold finishing and playful ornaments - you will immediately feel like in another era. You should also try to match the home textiles and the wallpaper design by picking up the main colours of the wallpaper motifs in curtains, pillows and carpets.
  2. High-quality eyecatcher: Designer wallpapers are, of course, somewhat more expensive than normal wallpapers; but they are also particularly high-quality and by virtue of their striking designs not suitable for wallpapering whole rooms in any case. So, you can enjoy a little elegance as a highlight in your room, using these special wallpapers to skilfully showcase individual walls.
  3. Luxury for little girls: With Gloockler's designer wallpapers and matching furniture, you will transform your daughter's bedroom into a princess room for which she will love you. Light white furniture in neo-baroque style is just as much a part of it as ruffled curtains, pillow-covers and a romantic canopy bed.
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