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Fresh, young and modern - Esprit brand wallpaper ensures lightness and vitality in the room through bright colors and expressive designs. With their diverse themes and motifs, Esprit collections offer something for every taste. Natural shapes and soft colors bring peace and harmony to your four walls - perfect to let your mind wander. Alternatively, an urban feel can be created with Esprit’s trend-setting graphics and bright patterns that reinterpret the lifestyle of the world's metropolises.

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Product range: Inspiring designs for your walls

Esprit’s style suits most tastes and ages, as they offer a wide range of wallpaper designs. Collections range from timeless basics to expressive graphics and patterns, in any case, always oriented to the current trends - a must for style-conscious and enthusiastic home design lovers. The designers behind Esprit are truly masters of capturing the zeitgeist to create wallpapers with which are both currently and timelessly in style.

Even Esprit’s children’s wallpaper is top of the line. The imaginative wallpaper motifs of the Kids collections bring good mood and fun to any child’s room through visual stories. Explore your child’s space and make an experience of it - your child will absolutely love their new room!

A brand with spirit

The story of the Esprit brand began in 1962 in San Fransisco, when Susie und Douglas Tompkins drove through California selling their homemade clothes. By 1971 the company, Esprit de Corp, was founded and has since been fashionably growing with great success. Esprit appeals to people of all ages, producing modern high-quality fashion for both young girls and boys, as well as, women’s and men's clothing. Their products range from evening wear to outdoor clothing and even includes accessories such as bags and jewelry. Now with the Esprit Home products line, the company now also offers home goods such as bed linen, pillowcases, blankets, carpets, curtains and wallpapers. In collaboration with wallpaper producer, A.S. Création, they have created many collections over the past few years with their fresh and trendy take on wallpaper design. Even for the youngest children, Esprit has developed many magical motifs for children's rooms.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Wallpaper and more:

    Esprit Home also offers home textiles in colors and patterns to match with their wallpaper designs. This means you are able to create an overall harmonious feeling in the room by choosing curtains, carpets and pillows with the same designs or the same color world as the wallpaper.

  2. Harmonious Combinations:

    In Esprit’s wallpaper collections, you will find many designs that are matched to each other in color. Offered are many solid color wallpapers to compliment the patterned ones and by combining these two variants in the room, you can accent certain spaces and create an interesting variety without the room design feeling too busy.

  3. Try new things:

    Try arranging the wallpaper in different ways before you commit to hanging it. Try hanging two different but complimentary wallpapers at different heights separated by a border. The upper half could be a subtle pattern while the lower could be a solid color – this is a reliable way to create a chic and stylish atmosphere.

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