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Do you want to communicate your individuality, stylishness and love for sophisticated design through the use of wallpaper on your four walls? Then our designer wallpapers are just the thing for you! We offer wallpapers created by renowned designers ranging in style from luxuriously extravagant wallpapers decorated with gold and rhinestones, to more modern designs with futuristic graphics. With these designer wallpapers, give rooms a special touch and demonstrate your impeccable taste.

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Product range: From Harald Glööckler to Michael Michalsky

The variety of designer wallpapers offered is huge, including designers renowned also in the worlds of fashion, architecture and product design. Dress your walls in aristocratic luxury with Versace, the stylish and fashionable designs of Glööckler, or revive the 1970s with Karim Rashids or Lars Contzen's pop art and retro designs. Quieter and more romantic are the feminine décors by Jette Joop, which bring lightness and harmony into any room. Luigi Colani's designer wallpapers, Ulf Moritz, Maarten Vrolijk, Michael Michalsky, Thomas Zeitlberger and Werner Aisslinger also belong to our wide selection, meaning you'll surely find the wallpaper that suits you and your home’s style best. Let yourself be inspired and discover new ideas for your interior design.

The Exceptionality of our Designer Wallpapers

Designer wallpapers differ mainly from standard wallpapers by their appearance and levels of quality. Here, successful and even award-winning designers are at work with their pronounced sense of graphics, aesthetics and zeitgeist. The result is expressive patterns and decors that are both modern and timeless; good design never goes out of style. Designer wallpapers not only convince with their extraordinary designs or finishes, but also the quality of these wallpapers is correspondingly higher than with conventional wallpapers. After all, these timeless designs should be lasting physically, as well as, emotionally. The material of these wallpapers is, therefore, stable and robust, meaning the colors will not lose their luminosity even in direct sunlight.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Which wallpaper suits me best? With the wide selection of chic designer wallpapers available, you are truly spoiled for choice. The following questions can help you in your decision: Does the wallpaper fit the style of furnishing of the other rooms? Will the design be a long-lasting love, or is there a risk that you will soon change tastes? The wallpaper selection process can also be helped by getting a sample of the desired wallpaper since the real look and feel of a wallpaper can’t be experienced through a digital image.
  2. Less is more A whole room in designer wallpaper could be described as too much of a good thing. To spice up a room, usually doing just one wall or distinct space with designer wallpaper is sufficient. Pick a visible wall to feature like, for instance, the wall behind the headboard of you bed.
  3. Stylish Set Up Designer wallpapers usually imply a strong theme, begging to be matched by the surrounding furniture. This theme could be anything from modern, retro or romantic country-house looks to splendid baroque vintage or a more art nouveau style. Choose your furniture to suit the design language of the wallpaper so that your walls can become a symbol of tasteful and harmonious living. But at the same time, be creative and don’t hesitate to break the rules. Exciting contrasts can also be created between modern and antique; let these high gloss and ornamental styles make your home unique.
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