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Brigitte Home – a wallpaper brand for the modern woman. With fresh patterns and cheerful colors, the designs bring lightness and cheer into your four walls. From modern stripes to romantic floral designs, you will find anything that makes the heart of trend-conscious lovers of chic and tasteful living beat faster. Perfectly in line with current interior styles and designed by the professionals of the well-known magazine Brigitte. more
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Product range: Fresh, modern designs for lovers of aesthetic living spaces

Flowing waves, artistic stripes and delicate floral decorations - the designs of Brigitte Home collections offer a wide range of patterns and motifs that can be combined with a variety of living styles. Do you prefer classic styles? Then the subtly striped wallpapers are just right for you. With their reserved colors, each room can provide a stylish ambience fitting both modern furnishing styles, as well as, the romance of the country house style. Even the popular nautical look or the Scandinavian style of living can be created with Brigitte Home wallpapers. More playful still, are the floral wallpapers with their striking flower motifs. Here, lovers of Baroque or Classical stylings can get their money's worth and give their four walls a particularly noble look.

To match with the patterned wallpaper of the Brigitte Home wallpaper collection, our shop offers color-coordinated solid tone wallpaper which can pick-up and highlight your favorite colors in the patterned wallpaper you’ve chosen. The solid colored wallpapers are vivid and lively due to their finely textured surface

Brigitte – more than a fashion magazine

Brigitte has a long history. As early as 1886, appearing in the Berlin Friedrich Schirmer publishing house’s magazine, it was declared “This magazine belongs to the house wife.” In 1905, the magazine was taken over by the Ullstein publishing house and renamed Ullsteins Housewife’s Magazine. The name Brigitte gradually established itself, initially only in the title, until in 1954, the magazine was finally renamed Brigitte. In 1957, the magazine was taken over by the Constanze publishing house; today, it appears twice a week at the Gruner + Jahr publishing house and caters to fashion and trend-conscious middle-aged women.

In addition to topics such as fashion, culture, psychology, health, cooking, beauty and relationships, Brigitte also focuses on the latest trends in living and furnishing. The Brigitte Home brand has even developed its own furniture collection, which includes wallpapers, carpets and curtains. Together with wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création, they created a series of unique wall murals. The Brigitte 1 to Brigitte 6 range offers a variety of brand-quality wallpapers, which embellish every home in a very special way.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Highlighting Certain Spaces:

    Would you like to highlight a specific space? Try adding a strip or two of expressively patterned wallpaper to a room of plain but complementarily colored wallpaper. This can be done to highlight a large mirror in the bedroom or the comfortable reading chair in the living room - for example. With this type of striking backdrop, you can put the spotlight on whatever you favorite piece of furniture is.

  2. Creative Wallpapering:

    Wallpaper can be hung on more then just the walls - you can try wallpapering your furniture as well! The back of a large display case, for example, or the doors of a sideboard or wall cabinet. This is the most ingenious way to carry design themes all throughout your home and add an overall sense of harmony.

  3. Complimentary Pattern Mixing:

    Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Brigitte Home collection designs are expertly coordinated to give you the courage to combine different patterns. Pick different patterns belonging to the same color scheme – lest you pick overly busy clashing patterns. More sophisticated yet is separating complimentary patterns with a horizontal wallpaper border.

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