Balcony Nighttime View of London Wallpaper Mural | Paper | Walltastic

Product specification:

With motiv London Skyline you can enlarge your room fast. It is a cool optic as you would be living there.

Field of application:

  • colour: blue, brown
  • room: office, living room, bed room, floor, store
  • style: murals, skyline, penthouse
  • material: paper


  • mural: 3,05 x 2,44 m (width x height)
  • number of parts: 12 (6 upper, 6 below)
  • weight: 1200 g


1. Select piece number 1.
2. Lay strip face down on a flat surface. Apply wallpaper paste and position to the wall.
3. Repeat steps for pieces 2 to 12.


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1. Kind of wallpaper
3. Base color
4. Pattern color
5. Material
6. Surface & Haptic
7. Quality & Seals
8. Style
9. Processing
apply paste to wallpaper
remove when moist
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