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No room is more deserving of this botanical pressed flowers wallpaper than a conservatory, sunroom or winter garden.

Conservatories, Sunrooms and Winter Gardens: Is Wallpaper a Bad Idea?

Is there any space more deserving of wallpaper than conservatories, sunrooms and winter gardens? Imagine a quaint floral wallpaper to complement your plants soaking in the sun, or a clean geometric wallpaper to help you stay focused in your conservatory turned office or workspace. But is it a really such a good idea? The good news is that it can be done risk-free and in this article, we’ll discuss what types of wallpaper to shop for, as well as the problems temperature fluctuation and moisture.

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crafty blue tile print wallpaper

This crafty light blue tile print wallpaper exudes the cheerful feeling of summer that’s perfect for a sunroom

Dealing with Direct Light

The good news is that it is standard for modern wallpaper to be colorfast, meaning it won’t fade even after years of direct sunlight. Colorfastness in wallpaper is rated from ‘Moderate’ to ‘Excellent’, but even at the ‘Good’ middle point, this wallpaper can be suitable for a conservatory. However, a dark wallpaper with only a ‘good’ light resistance rating will possibly show signs of fading eventually; to be safe, opt for light colored wallpaper in a space where long hours of direct light are to be expected. When shopping for wallpaper for a conservatory, sunroom or winter garden, look for wallpapers with a ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ colorfastness symbol.

wallpaper colourfast symbols Bohemian Persian rug wallpaper

Give your conservatory a warm boho chic touch with faux Persian carpet wallpaper

Dealing with Temperature Fluctuation

The real threat to conservatory wallpaper is actually not the colors fading but rather, the fluctuation in temperature that can cause wallpaper to peel. If you don’t choose the right material, the wallpaper will expand when warm and shrink when cold, eventually causing it to peel from the wall. What you want to avoid is paper wallpaper, and instead, look for non-woven wallpapers that preferably don’t have a paper backing (fabric backing is optimal but is sometimes hard to find) or a wallpaper that’s totally vinyl.

playful turquoise damask wallpaper

The turquoise of this playful damask wallpaper is a great transitional color to enter your conservatory to from outdoors.

Dealing with Moisture

Again, with the issue of moisture, you want to avoid paper wallpaper which can absorb humidity and cause mold to grow behind the wallpaper. Instead, look for wallpapers with a non-woven or vinyl surface that won’t allow water to soak in.

On top of picking an appropriate wallpaper for your conservatory, it’s crucial to go the extra mile when preparing your walls for wallpaper. Be sure to prime the walls to ensure the wallpaper will stick strong and not peel. But also, if your conservatory or sunroom suffers from wall moisture or humidity in general, it can also be a wise choice to mix some anti-fungal solution in with the adhesive to prevent the risk of mold growing behind the wallpaper.

Finally, be conscious not to hang wallpaper where water might be able to directly enter through the edges and make effort to ensure proper ventilation in the room to avoid the problem of humidity in the first place.

Conservatory birch trees wallpaper mural

A wallpaper mural featuring nature like this birch trees wallpaper mural create an optical illusion of space, making your conservatory feel huge!

To Summarize

  • Conservatories, sunrooms and winter gardens can be responsibly wallpapered with only a few additional considerations.
  • It is standard that most modern wallpaper is colorfast and should not fade.
  • Check that your wallpaper has at minimum, a ‘good’ colorfastness rating.
  • Temperature fluctuation and moisture are the real threats to conservatory wallpaper.
  • Don’t use paper wallpaper in a conservatory – look for non-woven or vinyl.
  • Prepare your walls with primer to prevent peeling and mix anti-mold agents into your adhesive to prevent mold.

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