what is hygge pin hygge light blue tile wallpaper

Hygge doesn’t necessarily mean white walls – just look how tranquil yet homey this light blue faux tile wallpaper is.

Using Wallpaper to Decorate in this Cozy Scandinavian Style

Denmark has long been ranked the happiest country on the planet despite their long dark winters – but why are they so happy and how can we all get there? One popular method right now, is analyzing the concepts behind the “untranslatable” Danish word ‘hygge’ as a hint towards some of the values that result in their high levels of happiness. But what is hygge exactly? Keep reading to find out what it is and how you can bring it into your home and your life.

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tree wallpaper mural cozy hygge

Cozy blankets, freedom from clutter and the hint of nature brought by the peaceful tree wallpaper mural make this room feel hygge.

What is Hygge?

First of all, it’s pronounced ‘HOO-geh’ (almost), literally coming from a word meaning wellbeing, and it’s a philosophy on how to live life for happiness. This way of life puts a premium on things like self-care, feeling at home and a sense of togetherness with others. When something is described as “hygge,” it’s vaguely meant to be cozy, but really, it’s so much more than that. The best way to imagine it is to think of the feeling of the holidays – family getting together, the smell of delicious cooking, the thoughtful decorations… the permission to relax. This is pure hygge and the Danes strive to create this vibe in their life year-round.

Hygge is all about living a simple life that brings things back to the basics. Practically, this can mean slowing down, chilling out a bit and get some time away from your phone and computer. Being present and mindful i.e. being ‘there’ in the moment and doing one thing at a time, as well as, intimacy are valued. In this way, the cliché hygge activities often include sipping a hot drink while reading, taking a warm bubble bath, cooking or baking, playing board games with some friends and practising a crafty hobby like knitting or painting. It’s just such a wholesome and nice way to live.

wood wallpaper hygge crafts

This blue tinted faux wood wallpaper would suit a hyggelig (hygge as an adjective!) crafting nook perfectly.

Hygge in The Home

While hygge is a feeling that can be created wherever you go, the headquarters really is in the home. This is the place where one should feel maximum levels of safety and comfort. As well, because the philosophy relates so much to appreciating the small things, and indulgence over extravagance, it usually translates into the sort of minimalistic Scandinavian style you’re probably familiar with. To be clear, this is not a cold, clinical minimalism, but rather a comfy and basic décor, free of clutter and vanity pieces. Items that are crucial to the hygge aesthetic include CANDLES, plants, cozy blankets and clothing, and sentimental keepsakes like framed pictures of family and friends.

When it comes to the actual space, contrary to what you might see all over the internet, everything does not need to be blank canvas white. Yes, hygge is about basics and tranquility, but it’s also about hominess and personality, so be yourself. Wallpaper is actually a great choice for decorating in a hygge style because of all the natural elements you can bring in. Whether it’s a dainty floral, a mural with a tree motif or a faux wood wallpaper, all can bring a that very hygge touch to your home. Wallpaper can provide texture to your walls, better than sterile smooth white any day.

When arranging your home, make an effort to create distinct space for different types of activities - there is nothing more hygge than a reading nook! Especially when you have a larger space, wallpaper can be a great way to create delineations for different areas or to add a highlight. Bring focus to your eating space, bed or an area with couches for socializing, not the TV.

hygge knit graphic wallpaper

This knit graphic wallpaper is as hygge as it gets!

To Summarize

  • Hygge is a way of life that means making every day as cozy as Christmas.
  • Design your home to be minimal yet cozy for a hygge life.
  • Use wallpaper to demarcate distinct practical spaces like a reading nook or a family eating area.
  • Hygge doesn’t just equal white walls – add some personality to your space with wallpaper to make it feel like home.

What simple changes could you make in your home to make it more hygge? Answer in the comments below, we want to know! what is hygge pin