wallpaper in pantone spring pin Ulf Moritz Ultra Violet wallpaper

Always ahead of the curve, designer Ulf Moritz’s bright purple cocoon wallpaper came before Pantone’s announcement of ‘Ultra Violet’ as 2018’s color of the year.

2018 Color Trends in Wallpaper

Most design aficionados already know that at the end of 2017, Pantone, the top authority on coming color trends, announced 2018’s color of the year to be a blue based violet called ‘Ultra Violet’. Swinging to the other end of the spectrum from pastels, bold bright jewel tones are expected to be the way of the near future with an intrepid purple as queen. However, should this color be too audacious for your home, fear not – an entire color palette has also been released for the spring. What better way to update your home than with some new wallpaper in this year’s most on-trend colors?

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Striped Versace Wallpaper in Ultra Violet

Versace’s palette definitely influenced Pantones choice for 2018’s colors of the year – just look at this vibrant striped Versace wallpaper.

Who is Pantone?

Pantone is an American company that developed the proprietary ‘Pantone Matching System’ (PMS) which assigns unique numbers and names to unique colors. This is useful for communicating an exact shade of color and it is widely used in printing, fashion and product design; it’s even used by governments to describe the colors in their flags.

More fun still is that since 2000, Pantone has been releasing a ‘Color of the Year’ which is decided after a meeting between themselves and other international color standards groups, and it is purportedly based on the zeitgeist and is heavily influenced by what is seen on the fashion runways for the coming year. Proving to have made some very accurate predictions, they have since become an authority on color trend, so much so, that really whatever they announce will become popular just because they said it, as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Wallpaper in Pantones spring 2018 colors pin

Find these wallpapers here: Meadowlark, Cherry Tomato, Little Boy Blue, Arcadia, Blooming Dahlia, Ultra Violet, Spring Crocus, Lime Punch, Chili Oil, Emperador, Pink Lavender, Almost Mauve.

Using the Spring 2018 Palette in Your Home

While design nerds everywhere rejoiced the bold pick of Ultra Violet for 2018’s color of the year, interior designers where left scratching their heads. Admittedly, this relatively cold dark shade of purple is not easy to decorate a home with, that is, until you see the fantastic color combinations they recommend to pair it with. Of course, Ultra Violet could just be a highlight color and you can pick one of the other super trendy shades for the background.

The idea is to use these colors and this palette for inspiration – no need to obsess about finding exact matches. In this way, it’s important to analyze the patterns in what’s going on with these choices and how it differs from last years style:

  • 80’s Throwback- Just look at that bright primary red, yellow and blue, that turquoise and neon lime green, and tell me you don’t think 80’s. Until only recently interior design from the 80’s would cause most people cringe, but somehow now, those funky fun post-modern setups look like perfect Instagram photo opportunities. Try to incorporate a little 80’s into your home to bring these colors to life – they pair well with geometric shapes, and unusual furniture (change up that boring Ikea couch).
  • Contrast- Contrast is now being taking to extremes. What’s in right now is bold monochrome walls contrasted with also bold furniture and other room elements. This is unlike the former strategy of picking a few shades of one color and then throwing in a ‘highlight’ color – think rather, of choosing several equally powerful colors to contrast directly against each other.
  • Metallics or Iridescents- If you choose to go with one of the more modest tones like the ‘Pink Lavender’ or ‘Blooming Dahlia,’ be sure to still add a metallic, or this year iridescent, element to captivate the eye. Even consider hanging metallic wallpaper – another very on trend décor choice.
  • Of course, while these are the latest trends as of spring 2018, unlike fashion, home décor trends shift much slower. Expect these patterns to endure with only small tweaks over the next few years and Pantone will also release a fall palette for a slightly different flavor of the year!

mint teal duck egg turquoise room wallpaper

Mint, duck egg, turquoise, teal… Pantone calls this cool, clean blue based green color ‘Arcadia (Pantone 16-5533)’ and it’s officially dubbed one of the trendy colors for Spring 2018.

To Summarize

  • Pantone is the most respected global authority on color trend.
  • A blue based purple called ‘Ultra Violet’ was chosen as 2018’s color of the year.
  • A spring palette for 2018 was also released and it features colors obviously inspired by the 80’s with lots of bright contrast.
  • Considering decorating with design elements from the 80’s and fully embrace contrast.
  • When going a subtler design route, be sure to also use metallics or iridescent components in your décor.

What colors from the Pantone 2018 Spring palette are you leaning towards? We want to know so let us know in the comments below! wallpaper in pantone 2018 pin