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Small spaces a fantastic opportunity to experiment with bigger patterns that would otherwise overwhelm a larger space. Buy this wallpaper here.

How to make any space feel bigger

People tend to underestimate the impact that a well decorated small space can make. When all of the nooks and crannies are properly considered, an entire home can feel even twice as large. A once forgettable powder room or laundry area can (and should) feel just as homey as your living room.

Get inspired with these 5 tips on wallpapering in small spaces.

1- Create a Classic Accent Wall

Large uneven patterns are all the rage in wallpaper right now, and actually, when used in moderation, work best in smaller spaces when they would only serve to overwhelm in a larger space. Pattern attracts the eye and when the pattern is everywhere, the lack of a focal point simply engulfs the viewer. Instead, opt for creating a single accent wall.

The accent wall is the where you want to highlight and draw attention towards. This wall will often host key pieces of furniture such as a bed or couch, or architectural features such as windows.

Wallpaper for Girls & Boys

Highlight only one wall to open up the room. Buy this wallpaper here

2- Use Striped Wallpaper to Elongate

You know how horizontal stripes are not the most slimming pattern to wear on a dress? It works the same way with rooms! The eye subconsciously follows the lines causing you to pay more attention to the width. Knowing this, we can make tight spaces feel wider by using a wallpaper that carries your eye horizontally. The same is true for vertical lines, which will make the ceiling feel sky high.

Unique Architectural Features

Vertical lines draw eyes upwards and make the ceiling feel higher. Buy this wallpaper here.

3- Highlight Unique Architectural Features

Awkward nooks, open closets and build-in bookshelves are all perfect candidates for wallpaper! Instead of letting these spaces fade into a dull background, reveal these hidden gems and add some dimension to your room.

Highlight Unique Architectural Features

Embracing unique features will make your space more interesting. Buy this wallpaper here.

4- Match Bright Furniture to Bright Colors in Wallpaper

Rooms will look bigger when the furniture is able to stand out against the wallpaper. Should you have bright furniture, it is likely that you could pull off a bright wallpaper if you match brightest elements of the paper to the color of the furniture.

This works best when the wallpaper has a light base color. If you can imagine, the bright matching color will jump out to joins its matching pal, while the light color stays behind, creating the illusion of depth.

Match Bright Furniture to Bright Colors in Wallpaper

Matching furniture with a bright pattern on a wall will make the background seem further away and your room feel bigger. Buy this wallpaper here.

5- Create an Optical Illusion with Mural Wallpaper

Yes, murals are back and they're a miracle for small rooms. These wallpapers take your mind to places that paint simply cannot. From feeling like you're in an NYC penthouse to being deep in some magical forest, your imagination is your only limitation. It goes without saying that these make the space feel larger as murals trick you brain into thinking the horizon isn't just where the floor meets the wall.

The lesson learned; with wallpaper, adding personality to small spaces is easy and inexpensive. Certain wallpapers used in the right way can even produce the illusion of greater depth and size where paint could never complete.

Check out our favorite wallpaper murals for 2018!

Optical Illusion with Mural Wallpaper

Murals are the ultimate in space enlarging trickery. Buy this wallpaper here.

To Summarize

  • Large uneven patterns work well in small spaces when used with moderation
  • Pick an accent wall
  • Horizontal stripes widen a room while vertical stripes make the ceilings appear higher
  • Wallpapering nooks is a fun way to ad dimension to a room
  • Make furniture stand out by matching it to a brighter highlight color in the wallpaper
  • Landscape murals make small rooms look gigantic

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