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This world map wall sticker is a cool gift for him or her!

Removable Wall Decals – A Cheap, Fun and Unique Present

As the holiday season approaches, everyone is on the hunt for possible gifts to give that come from the heart. For many, this means not turning to the super commercial stuff, but rather finding something unique and fun that won’t break the bank. Here’s our idea for the best Christmas gift: self-adhesive removable vinyl wall decals!

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  • Branches with Birds Wall Stickers

    These birds on branches wall stickers are sure to add some cheer to any space!

    What are wall decals?

    Wall decals go by a few other names including, wall stickers, wall clings, wall graphics and in Germany, wall tattoos (don’t worry - they aren’t permanent!). Basically, they are self-adhesive removeable vinyl stickers that completely range in size and theme. They stick to smooth surfaces without causing damage and there are even some meant for windows.

    Gift giving is difficult because we want to get something that the recipient will like; an especially hard challenge when shopping for things like home décor items. Don’t buy someone something that will be intended to last forever in their living room – design decisions are too personal. This is why something like wall stickers are appropriate – they are cheap, fun and temporary. No one is expecting them to hang for forever. Most people have some extra space on their walls with no idea what to fill it with and some wall decals will be a welcome change without too much commitment.

    Flower Silhouette wall stickers

    These giant flower silhouette wall stickerscould add some style to any living space!

    Product Range

    The amount of variety in the themes of wall stickers really is what makes it the perfect gift for anyone from babies and kids, to teens or even adults. But let’s be real, kids are the ones getting the most presents on Christmas so you need to understand the range here. For kids, consider some bubble stickers to make bath time fun. Alternatively, pretty much every character from Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh, to Fireman Sam or Frozen, is available, especially from Disney.

    Wall stickers are a lasting gift to brighten someone’s day, everyday. They allow for creativity and a bonding with the space they live in. They are healtier than chocolate and money better spent than on yet another toy they didn’t really need. Just take a look at all these wall stickers:

    • Life sized Star Wars' Yoda wall sticker decal
    • Disney Frozen Elsa Anna Wall stickers decals
    • Horse and Faul Silouette wall sticker decal
    • Melli mello glam tucan bird wall stickers decals
    • Horse and Faul Silouette wall sticker decal
    • Melli mello glam tucan bird wall stickers decals

    Find these stickers here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    To Summarize

    • Wall decals, wall stickers, wall clings, wall graphics and wall tattoos are all the same thing
    • They are self-adhesive removeable vinyl stickers that are easy to hang and suit most spaces
    • Being temporary, cute and fun, makes wall stickers the perfect unique gift!
    • A wide range of decal themes are available including Disney characters, Star Wars, giant flowers, thought-provoking quotes and much more!

    Check out our selection of wall stickers, here, and let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite!
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