tropical wallpaper pin Bright Versace Giungla tropical wallpaper

Versace’s banana leaf and tropical fern jungle wallpaper is bold, bright and textured – no holding back.

Banana Leaves, Palms and Monsteras – Lush Greenery Without a Green Thumb

Making a huge splash in 2018 is large print jungle patterned wallpaper and long gone are the days of sterile white walls. In-vogue interior design today is bright contrasting colors, bold patterns and no fear. So what are you waiting for? Through just a little spring redecoration, tropical wallpaper can transform that stale entertaining space of yours into one that’s buzzing with life and style. Keep reading to learn how you too can pull off this island inspired look.

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graphic tropical leaf wallpaper

Not only do you see a lush banana leaf wallpaper in this picture, but also a pineapple lamp and a flamingo book!

What is tropical interior design?

It all started a few years ago with the appearance of the pineapple motif - pineapples were everywhere! Then flamingos got added to the mix and now the style is full-blown rainforest. Today, this jungle look is characterized by a vibrant mix of motifs and the goal is a space that feels alive, warm and cheerful. Gone are the days of sterile white walls and since wearing Hawaiian shirts and growing tropical plants is not everyone’s strong suit, many are turning to hanging a trendy tropical wallpaper as a great way to bring the feeling of a vacation home to keep.

Black tropical wallpaper with birds

What better way to create contrast than a black wallpaper with vibrant bird and flower motifs on it.

Why is Tropical so Trendy?

To put it simply, people are getting tired of the ‘all white everything’ look and like with most trends, the exact opposite is bound to be the next cool thing. The era of pastels and muted colors is over and many are even calling the new tropical style one of the strongest trends in the last 10 years.

This shift away from soft pastels and unobtrusive color palettes is actually happening in every area of design, not just with interiors. Confirmed by Pantone’s choice for color of the year and their Spring palette which includes an abundance of bold and contrasting colors – the times are changing. As it turns out, the tropical theme is a perfect vehicle for fun contrasting colors and large patterns!

Black and white bamboo wallpaper

Use something like this black and white bamboo wallpaper to create a feature wall!

How to decorate with tropical

If you take anything from this guide, let it be the sentiment to stop being such a scaredy-cat with interior design decisions! A great way to ease into a bolder, more fashionable setup would be to pick a great tropical wallpaper that you feel suits your personality and hang it on a single prominent wall as a room highlight. This could be the wall behind your couch or bed, or if you’re feeling even more daring, consider picking a wallpaper that has a super large pattern and hanging it in a small space like a powder room or hallway. Hints towards nature in a front entranceway space are also know to make for a flawless transition from outdoors to indoors.

When choosing colors to compliment your statement wallpaper, while old advice might have been to pick similar but more muted versions of the colors, today, it’s all about contrast. Choose a contrasting color to pair with your highlight wall – greens with reds, blues with yellows and so on.

When decorating your new junglelike space, keep your eyes open for natural materials like bamboo, grass cloth and stone. As well, don’t underestimate the power that plants have to bring a feeling of life and freshness to a space, even if they are just on a wallpaper!

rainforest wallpaper mural

There is even this rainforest wallpaper mural complete with monkeys, parrots and a hiding tiger!

To Summarize

  • Trending now are bright and contrasting colors in every area of design – tropical theme is a great vehicle for this.
  • Wallpaper featuring pineapples, flamingos and big plant leaves like banana leaves, palms or monsteras are most popular.
  • Consider hanging a tropical themed wallpaper with a large pattern or even a rainforest wallpaper mural!
  • Tropical wallpaper work great to create a feature wall and also as a trendy and bold pattern for hallways or powder rooms.

Are you excited to see these new bold shifts in design interior design trends? Tell us what you think in the comments below! tropical wallpaper pin