gender neutral nursery wallpaper pin Counting sheep clouds kids wallpaper

Your child can learn to fall asleep counting sheep with this gender neutral sheep in the clouds wallpaper mural.

Nursery Wallpapers that Work for Both Boys and Girls

The results are in – decking out your baby girl’s room in pink or your baby boy’s room in blue is completely dated. But by being forced out of the colour ‘box’, this means we can get so much more creative when picking a theme to design the perfect baby nursery to bring the newest member of your family home to. Gender neutral nurseries also work great for when you prefer to keep the gender of your newborn a surprise or for when you plan to have opposite gender siblings share a room. The great thing about wallpaper is that the motif can totally change the vibe of a color; for example, a blue with clouds becomes a unisex sky scene. Check out our favorite 6 gender neutral wallpaper themes to make the most stylishly comfortable nursery for your new baby girl or boy!

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dragon and castle on gray kids wallpaper

This light gray castles and dragons kids wallpaper would inspire both boys’ and girls’ fairy tale dreams

Gray: The Trendiest Neutral Tone

Hands down, the go-to gender neutral nursery color right now is a light gray. Partly we suspect that this is because it fits in so well with the also super trendy all-white-everything look happening with regular interior design. Wallpaper in light gray with gender neutral motifs is a great way to make this look fun for kids of any gender, and keep it stylish at the same time. Having such a subtle base of a color that matches with literally every other color is great because you can also tilt the décor in a more masculine or feminine direction later through the use of furnishings in statement colors.

red green unisex kids geometric wallpaper

Even pink tones were incorporated into this children’s geometric triangle wallpaper without it feeling too feminine

Geometric Children’s Wallpapers

Wallpapers almost always feature multiple colors and these colors play off of one another, creating totally different moods than they each would on their own. If you are excited about this newfound phenomenon, then there’s no better way to really experience this than through simple geometric designs – also one of the hottest ways to decorate a gender neutral nursery right now. The best part is, that geometric wallpapers can stay suitable for any gender and at any age. Even when you turn their room back into an office after they go to college, you won’t have to take this wallpaper down.

African savannah animals at the watering hole wallpaper mural

Animal themed wallpapers like this African savannah animals at the watering hole wallpaper mural are universally loved by all kids.

Animal Themed Wallpaper

If you’re searching for the perfect unisex nursery theme, consider making it animal themed! Both boys and girls absolutely LOVE animals. This can be done in the form of an immersive wallpaper mural featuring animals, a more subtle animal motif wallpaper or simply make the décor in the room feature animals.

Educational children’s world map wallpaper mural

Take the opportunity to teach your child about how big the world is early with this educational kids world map wallpaper mural complete with the animal species native to each area.

Educational Kid’s Wallpapers

The way you decide to decorate your child’s first bedroom can actually have a profound effect on their development – no pressure. Why not take this as an opportunity to incorporate something educational for them to grow up with? This could be a world map mural with animals, the alphabet in creative typography or even an interactive wallpaper they can draw on. Give your son or daughter the head start they deserve!

Gender neutral Stars nursery wallpaper

Your little one won’t have any trouble sleeping with this dark starry sky gender neutral nursery wallpaper..

Starry Sky Wallpapers

If you really just want something simple, classic and gender neutral, star themed wallpaper is a really safe bet. Make your baby’s nursery into a sleepy-time sanctuary and hopefully they’ll do more sleeping in it than crying. Stars can be hypnotic and soothing, and eventually they will develop the association with stars, the night and sleep. You can even get stylish star wallpaper with constellations.

Winnie the Pooh wallpaper mural

Choose a mural with gender neutral characters like with this super cute Disney’s Winnie the Pooh wallpaper mural.

Murals with Gender Neutral Characters

Murals are a fantastic way to effortlessly add life to a space. Your child will never feel lonely with their favourite characters keeping them company on their walls. If your avoiding gendered characters, consider the all time best gender neutral story for a wallpaper mural: Winnie the Pooh! Other options include Disney’s Finding Nemo or another classic – Mickey Mouse!

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Gender neutral circus theme wallpaper

This circus themed wallpaper is fun for both boy or girl nurseries.

To Summarize

  • There are many reasons people choose to design a gender neutral nursery: the babies gender might be a surprise, the room might be shared by opposite gendered kids, and some just prefer not to support gender stereotypes.
  • Gray is currently the trendiest choice for a gender neutral space – bring color later through décor in the room.
  • Scandinavian styled geometric wallpapers are a super stylish way to make any color feel masculine or feminine.
  • An animal themed nursery is a fool-proof way to design a gender neutral space that any child will adore.
  • A child’s room design has a huge impact on their development – take it as an opportunity to add in something educational like a world map or a constellations wallpaper mural.
  • Stars are a classic nursery design theme to make the perfectly comfortable sleepy-time sanctuary.
  • Consider decorating with a wallpaper mural featuring gender neutral characters like Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo or Mickey Mouse.

What are your favorite ideas for creating a gender neutral nursery? Let us know in the comments below! top gender neutral nursey themes