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Today´s wood walls can be more than just planks. Check out this wood cube wallpaper here

Why wood wallpaper is here to stay

Yes, wood walls, a 60’s favorite, is back and more stylish than ever. After years of urging people to paint over or rip out their old wooden paneling, designers everywhere are now hanging up convincing faux wood wallpaper. Let’s talk about what’s being done differently to make this up-to-date timber here to stay.

Everything in Moderation

While the old style was to cover every single wall (and even the ceiling!) in wood, today we know that sometimes less is more - a single accent wall will suffice. An accent wall can drastically make a room seem bigger and after such a long period of clinical minimalistic interiors, wood offers a much-needed warmth and character to any space.

Creating Contrast

Through the mistake of the 60’s brown wood walls, brown shag carpet and matching brown furniture overkill, the value of contrast has been revealed. Using a slightly lighter stain of wood or shade of fabric on furniture than the wood on the walls will cause the furniture to stand out instead of camouflaging itself. Wood acts as a neutral (but not boring) element that will allow bolder aspects of the décor to pop.

Creating Contrast

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Not just for the Cottage

While today, wood is commonly being associated with cabins, farmhouses and the country, an argument can also be made for the sophistication that wood can bring to a space. From traditional to contemporary, wood mimicking wallpaper can do it all. Especially for those living in cities, this material is a welcome reintroduction of nature into the home. With the momentum that the green movement has gained, it’s no wonder that the reclaimed wood look is becoming such a must-have with no sign of slowing down.

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Why use Wood Wallpaper?

Forget nailing up half of a dilapidated barn in your apartment; wallpaper is no-doubt the way to go these days. Wood wallpapers feature either a convincing texture or a remarkable 3D illusion, and many come as a non-repeating mural or as tileable panels to fit any space you have in mind. Wallpaper is cheaper and nicer than real wood, not to mention, easier to clean. This is where using wallpaper has its’ benefits – the choice of styles available. Wide or narrow plank, light or dark wood, stained, painted or untreated; pick the wallpaper that suits your space best at Tapeto

Why use Wallpaper?

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Since man first started to cut down trees, using wood decoratively in the home has existed; albeit, it has evolved. Today wood wallpaper can inspire rustic memories or bring a touch of the outdoors to your cosmopolitan life. The use of natural elements is an example of timeless style and wallpaper that looks just like wood is a fantastic way to achieve this look.

To Summarize

  • This wood wall revitalization is being done differently than wood walls of the past
  • In the name of moderation, consider doing only an accent wall
  • Choose furniture of a lighter stain/shade to make it stand out
  • Wood functions as neutral, yet still has some personality
  • Wood can achieve a sophisticated look as well as a more rustic vibe
  • Wood wallpaper looks convincing due to its texture and 3D qualities

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There’s Wallpaper that Looks like Wood pin