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Use subtle texture to add character to a space and make it any color you want. Buy this wallpaper here.

The best kept secret in wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper is possibly the most versatile wallpaper out there. Besides the obvious benefits of being paintable, this type of wallpaper is incredibly durable, sound absorbent and is perfect for concealing imperfections on your wall and can even be suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. It is easy, quick and clean to hang (even on ceilings!) and when it comes to the aesthetics, there really is something for everyone.

Functional features of paintable wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper is generally a thick non-woven wallpaper with either raised or embossed design elements. It comes in thicknesses ranging from 130g to 160g, making it apt to cover up imperfections in the wall such as unevenness, large cracks or other textures. Non-woven wallpapers like these are easy, quick and clean to hang and just as simple to remove. Paintable wallpapers are even applicable for ceilings due to their easy-to-hang nature. Commonly, paintable wallpaper is used for covering large areas as they take less paint to cover than a regular wall.

The structured patterns on paintable wallpaper are extremely durable, impact resistant and scratch-proof. This makes them perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways; no wonder they are so popular with places like hotels. Depending on the paint you choose, this wallpaper can be water resistant and actually be suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens. Some designs offered are even especially sound absorbent!

This wallpaper is available white or pre-painted. Considering that you can paint it, paintable wallpaper can be any color you want and match your home perfectly – no more settling. It really is the best of both the wallpaper and paint worlds.

Sound Absorbant Paintable Wallpaper

This wallpaper is sound absorbent. Ask about it here.

Variety of looks available

If you were excited by the functionality, just wait until you see the patterns. Everything is offered from retro styles to futuristic. Modern geometric or more organic patterns are embossed or raised and made of a foamy feeling material. Going in a different design direction, vintage patterns inspired by antiquity and the baroque period are available in velvet or even with the pattern done in a hydrophobic coating that reveals itself when painted. Designs are also sometimes given a textured granular look using synthetic or even real quartz sand.

Quartz Sand Paintable Wallpaper

Play with material and texture to bring a bit of the outdoors inside your home. This is real quartz sand patterning on paintable wallpaper. Buy it here.

Hanging and Painting Tips

If you are intending to use this wallpaper to cover up bumps or cracks in the wall, aim for one of the thicker (heavier) options. Because paintable wallpaper is definitely not flimsy, it is easy to handle and hang. It’s usually paste-the-wall too, adding to the effortlessness.

This type of wallpaper doesn’t need to be painted either. If you choose not to paint the wallpaper, it is then also recommended to prime the wall below so that any blemishes won’t be noticeable through the wall covering.

Paintable wallpaper is great for covering large spaces because it actually requires less paint to cover than a regular wall. This is because the paint used should be of a thinner consistency so that the patterns and textures will be visible and not just filled in. For this same reason, only one coat of paint is required. A 14mm to 16mm lambs’ wool roller is recommended to paint with.

Paintable baroque Wallpaper

Paintable Baroque wallpapers are a great way to add romance to any room. Buy this wallpaper here.

To Summarize

  • Paintable wallpaper is super versatile; it’s paintable, durable, can be used on ceilings, can be sound absorbent, as well as, paint saving and even perfect for covering up imperfections on your walls.
  • A wide variety of designs are available from vintage to futuristic.
  • Many materials are also offered including embossed foam, velvet, hydrophobic patterning or quartz sand designs.
  • Paintable wallpaper is easy, clean and quick to hang and great for covering large areas.
  • Prime the wall first if you intend not to paint the wallpaper.
  • Paint with a thin consistency should be used and only one coat is required.
  • A 14-16mm lambs’ wools roller is recommended for painting.

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