photo wallpaper murals 2018 pin close up photo purple hydrangea flowers wallpaper mural

Magnified photo mural wallpapers like this close up Hydrangea photo mural become almost abstract – super trendy!

Wallpaper Murals are growing in popularity for 2018

Blank solid colored walls are really a modern-day phenomenon, and a boring one at that. Murals have been around since the cave paintings and after last enjoying popularity in the 18th century, murals are finally back! This time they are in the form of wallpaper and they have their own contemporary twist. They can be scenic photos which transport your soul to breathtaking places, they can be faux materials like wood or stone, or they could be abstract graphics like color blocking or collages. The point is that over the last few years these wallpaper murals have been growing in popularity with interior designers everywhere and in 2018, they are expected to hit the mainstream home. So sit back, relax and enjoy our curated selection of favorite photo wallpaper murals for 2018. Get ready to be inspired!

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Giant graphic color blocking wallpaper mural

Forget the masking tape and paint! Just hang a giant graphic color blocked wallpaper mural!

Graphic Color Blocking Murals

Think outside of the box and color outside the lines! Why should one wall just be one color? Color blocking is a hot trend right now that’s made easy by using wallpaper – forget about messing around with masking tape and paint to achieve this look. Color blocking is a great way to introduce an entire color palette that can then be carried through the whole space. Check out this set of color blocked murals that’s new in store:

  • Color blocking salmon pink black blue gold lines wallpaper mural
  • Color blocking pale pink royal blue gold wallpaper mural
  • pink grey white gold color blocking wallpaper mural
  • Color blocking mixed clashing patterns triangles wallpaper mural
  • Color blocking hexagons pink gold black wallpaper mural
  • Color blocking hexagons mint aqua teal gold grey wallpaper mural

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Thick orange paint strokes on canvas Wallpaper Mural

Make your flat look like an artist loft with this wallpaper mural of brush strokes in thick orange paint

Faux Surface Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper murals make for great faux surfaces, tricking your eyes into thinking they see the real thing. This can be anything from a brick, marble or wood wall to something more abstract surfaces like leopard fur or a painted canvas. Imagine each of these designs on your walls:

  • Painted canvas wallpaper mural
  • Realistic leopard print fur wallpaper mural
  • Bamboo poles wallpaper mural
  • Close up red blue grey Marble wallpaper mural
  • Stacked wooden boards wallpaper mural
  • Peeling paint on a brick wallpaper mural
  • Mixed granite, marble, stone wallpaper mural

Find these murals here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Turkish mosque landscape wallpaper mural

Bring the scenes and landscapes of your dreams right into your home with a wallpaper mural like this romantic Turkish landscape at dusk wallpaper mural

Scene and Landscape Murals

Not only can you fool viewers into thinking the material of the walls is something else, but you can nearly erase the walls themselves with a fantastical scene. This place your brought to can be anything from a futuristic cityscape or the middle of a misty forest to underwater with the tropical fish or high in the sky with some planes. Really, it’s hard to understand the atmosphere a scenic mural creates until you experience it first-hand. Check out these favorites:

  • turkish mosque at dusk mural
  • San Fran Golden Gate Bridge wallpaper mural
  • NYC Manhattan Penthouse View wallpaper mural
  • Purple Flowers in forest wallpaper mural
  • Tree on a cliff wallpaper mural
  • underwater tropical fish coral mural
  • planes in the sky with clouds wallpaper mural

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Lion King Simba Timon Pumba Kids Mural

Murals like this Lion King’s Simon, Timon and Pumba wallpaper mural set your child’s imagination free

Kids Wallpaper Murals

Could there be any better way to decorate a kid’s room then with a wallpaper mural? Let them feel like best friends with their favorite characters and heroes, and give them the fantastical setting to set their imaginations free. The selection is endless with animals, stars, dinosaurs, and licenced characters from Disney, Marvel, Hello Kitty and so on. Which would your child absolutely love?

  • Lion King Simba Timon Pumba Disney Wallpaper Mural kids
  • Finding Nemo Characters Shark Wallpaper Mural kids
  • Traditional Japanese Kimono Hello Kitty Kids Wallpaper Mural
  • Disney Cinderella and prince dancing scene kids wallpaper mural
  • Variety of cute dinosaurs kids wallpaper mural
  • forest animals bear deer fox owl hedgehog kids wallpaper mural
  • birds tiles owls kids wallpaper mural
  • paper stars on strings with moon kids wallpaper mural

Find these murals here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

boho watercolor painted feathers wallpaper

Some murals like this boho watercolor feather wallpaper will repeat if you put more than one mural next to each other!

Repeating Pattern Murals

Sometimes the distinction between a mural wallpaper and a normal repeating wallpaper gets a bit blurry because with some murals, you can put them next to each other and they will repeat like normal wallpaper! Super trendy right now is the super large repeating motifs and this can best be achieved using multiple murals. Take a look at these massive florals and funky psychedelic kaleidoscope murals:

  • boho painted watercolour feather wallpaper mural
  • black with roses flowers floral wallpaper mural
  • paisley hippy boho floral graphic flowers wallpaper mural
  • Anemone flower collage floral wallpaper mural
  • blue pineapple palm leaf fern wallpaper mural
  • Scandinavian graphic floral flowers wallpaper mural
  • palm fern leaves with shapes triangle circle graphic wallpaper mural
  • flamingo and autumn leaves wallpaper mural
  • African animals safari giraffe zebra leopard kaleidoscope psychedelic wallpaper
  • kaleidoscopic leopards and flowers mirrored psychedelic wallpaper mural

You’re going to want to take a closer look at these here: 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

ombre mixed flowers floral wallpaper mural bathroom

This ombre floral wallpaper mural isn't your grandmothers floral wallpaper!

Floral Wallpaper Murals

Ok, we can’t talk about wallpaper varieties without at least touching on floral. Today’s murals can feature blown up photographs of the most beautiful flowers and arrangements that you’ve ever seen. Some murals are super close up pictures, making them borderline abstract and the perfect addition to the modern home of 2018. Check out these buds:

  • ombre mixed flower floral wallpaper mural
  •  close up photo purple hydrangeas wallpaper mural
  • close up white rose flower wallpaper mural
  • mixed pale color roses bouquet wallpaper mural
  • lush green ferns wallpaper mural
  • white stone fern plants carving wallpaper mural
  • close up pink flowers wallpaper mural
  • apple peach blossom flower on tree wallpaper mural
  • greyscale black and white tulip garden wallpaper mural

Find these murals here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

universe galaxy stars space wallpaper mural

Like this starry galaxy wallpaper mural the sky is the limit when it comes to murals!

To Summarize

  • Murals are a huge up and coming trend in home decor
  • For a modern look, consider a color blocking mural
  • Murals can offer amazingly convincing faux surfaces like wood, stone or even fur!
  • Murals with breath taking views and scenes erase the feeling of walls and set your imagination free
  • Your child will never be lonely with their favorite character keeping them company with a life-sized wallpaper mural
  • Choose a big dramatic pattern for your walls with repeating murals that function almost like regular wallpaper
  • Big in 2018 will be photographic floral murals; we’re already seeing it everywhere!

This is just the tip of the iceberg; really, anything you can imagine is on a wallpaper mural! Check out our massive selection of murals and let us know which is your favorite in the comments below!

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