birthday chalkboards pin pink baby with birthday chalkboard infographic

They grow up so fast! Capture this moment forever with a birthday chalkboard infographic!

Birthday Poster Boards: The Sweetest Baby Party Decoration

Birthdays are a special time when we can reflect on our lives and how far we have come. For babies, everything is new and it’s exciting to slowly see their personalities unfold through their preferences and abilities. With a birthday chalkboard infographic, you can give party guests the inside scoop on all of your baby’s firsts and favorites!

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  • What are Birthday Chalkboards?
  • Why are Birthday Chalkboards so Trendy?
  • How to Order
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  • blue baby boy animal birthday chalkboard infographic

    Decorate your little monkey’s first birthday party with a zoo themed birthday chalkboard.

    What are Birthday Chalkboards?

    Birthday Chalkboards are basically a personalized infographic on a poster board designed to look like a chalkboard, meant for use as a thoughtful and fun decoration. On them, you display information about your child like their first words, favorite foods and things they can do now; it’s more tasteful then constantly bragging about it to your friends. All of this information is organized on the board in a visually interesting way with a harmonic color scheme, as well as, a clipart theme of your choosing. These themes range from the zoo with animals to a sparkle princess theme. Afterwards, keep the board as a memento or even gift it to the grandparents.

    Why are Birthday Chalkboards so Trendy?

    Gift giving and decorating are both intensely personal activities – no one wants generic. That’s why the number one reason birthday chalkboards are so popular is that they are customizable and from the heart. They are emotional, they let you be proud of your little one’s progress and they let you capture, in a keep-sake, all of the little things that in a few years you’ll have totally forgotten about. Really, these types of infographics need not be only for babies or only for birthdays! They can display any type of information like for an anniversary, a graduation or any other type of accomplishment. Other ideas for moments that you can celebrate with a chalkboard poster include the first day of school or end of school, sweet sixteen, engagements or weddings, pet birthdays, baby showers, invitations and ‘thank you’s!

    How to Order

    Do you have a special event coming up that a chalkboard would be perfect for? Order here!

    Our chalkboards can be found at under the ‘Personalized Products’ tab. Start by choosing the theme you like best and keep in mind that everything is customizable from the colors to the text. Next, choose which color scheme you’d like – pink or blue are the most popular but anything is possible! You then have the option to have us print it for you and send it, or, we can simply send you the PDF and you can have it printed yourself. Finally, choose which size you’d like – A4 is printer paper sized while A3 is more like a poster.

    Once you add the chalkboard to your basket, a form will pop-up where you can fill out all of the personalized information and add any special requests in the ‘Other’ field. Both German or English chalkboards or generally all languages are possible.

    baby fairy flowers chalkboard poster infographic

    Showcase your little one’s achievements with a sparkly fairy themed birthday chalkboard poster.

    To Summarize

    • Birthday chalkboards are infographics that showcase all your child’s personality and achievements.
    • Birthday posters are a crazy trendy, must-have party decoration!
    • They are fully customizable and individual.
    • Choose from different color schemes and design themes.
    • Great for capturing the memory of the small things in life

    Order your birthday chalkboard here! sparkle dots birthday chalkboard infographic

    Zeig’ die Errungenschaften deines Babys mit einer funkelnden Meilensteintafel in Pink.


    • Geburtstagstafeln sind Infotafeln, auf denen du die wichtigsten Eigenschaften und Errungenschaften deines kleinen Lieblings festhalten kannst.
    • Es gibt viele Namen für das tolle Produkt, welche oft auch aus dem englischsprachigem Raum abgeleitet sind: Geburtstagsposter, Chalkboard, Erinnerungstafel, Blackboard, Geburtstagsplakat, Meilensteintafel etc.
    • Meilensteintafeln sind eine hippe und unverzichtbare Geburtstagsdekoration!
    • Chalkboards sind vollkommen individuell gestaltbar.
    • Du kannst über deine bevorzugten Farbmuster und Motivthemen selbst entscheiden.
    • Ideal geeignet, um die kleinen, erinnerungswürdigen Momente im Leben festzuhalten.

    Bestell deine Geburtstagstafel hier! Geburtstagstafel mit funkelnden Punkten