metallic wallpaper pin copper demask diamond wallpaper

The shine of this demask wallpaper is balanced out by the earthy neutral tones in the furniture.

How to Use Metallic Gold, Silver and Copper Wallpapers

As you might have heard, metallic wallpaper is the next big thing in interior design. Not only does it add a sleek modernity to a space, but it also creates a complex depth on your walls – even making a small room feel larger than it actually is. Through tactful moderation and the use of feature walls, metallic wallpaper can tastefully produce harmony and rich dimension in any space. Keep reading to see how you can best decorate using gold, silver or copper wallpaper.

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metallic silver zigzag wallpaper

Flat painted walls are a thing of the past. Wake up your space with an chic shiny wallpaper like this metallic silver zigzag wallpaper

Why Use Metallic Wallpaper?

Probably as a reaction to the boring all-white-everything trend that’s been floating around with interior design for the past few years, the pendulum is finally swinging the other end of the spectrum, now in favor of metallic wallpaper. With metallics, you can still go for the clean minimalistic look if you choose, or you can embrace the warm luxurious feeling of gold in your palace. In either case, the shimmer of the walls is dynamic and almost interactive, reacting as you move through the room, bringing a distinctive allure and sense of life to a space. This is also the reason metallic wallpapers make spaces feel both bigger and brighter.

silver blue Indian inspired metallic wallpaper

Using something like this metallic silver Indian inspired wallpaper is an elegant way to brighten a front foyer or hallway.

Where is Best to Use Metallic Wallpaper?

Metallic wallpapers naturally lend themselves to small or poorly lit spaces like bathrooms or hallways because of their ability to bounce light around and give the illusion of bigger, brighter rooms. Imagine that the wall would otherwise just be soaking up the light like a black hole and that this reflective wallpaper, instead, shines whatever light there is back at you.

This gleaming effect is also reminiscent of royalty or other high-brow atmospheres, thus also making metallic wallpaper well suited for more formal rooms like dining rooms or front foyers. Of course, there’s an impression of prestige or glam that come with stepping into a room that twinkles like a jewelry box.

Metallic gold Egyptian Diamond wallpaper

The color of this warm gold Egyptian styled wallpaper can be perfectly paired with deep blue or teal colored furniture for a feeling of true harmony

Achieving Balance with Metallics

Now we should address the elephant in the room: How does one pull-off this shiny metallic wallpaper without coming off as tacky or gaudy? Well, the answer is, as the old saying goes, “everything good in moderation.” This means that with a design element this attention-grabbing, less is often more. Consider using a gold, silver or copper wallpaper as a statement piece; choose one prominent wall like behind a fireplace or the bed, and use the metallic wallpaper to create highlight wall. It’s also worth mentioning that metallic wallpaper ranges in shine levels all the way from blinding to more muted brasses.

How you decorate the room around the metallic walls will also make a big difference in what kind of vibe it creates. Unless you want to feel like you’re living inside a spaceship, it would be wise to pair your shiny walls with some softer and warmer elements. Very trendy right now and perfect to fill this roll is velvet. Velvet has a slight sheen to it as well so it matches yet it works so soften the feeling in the space. As for colors, the most in-style way to balance out gold or copper is with royal blue or deep teal tones used in the rooms furniture. Silver, on the other hand, is balanced better with warm earth tones like beige, olive and brown, or orangey pinks like salmon, coral or peach.

Luigi Colani metallic woodgrain wallpaper

This metallic woodgrain wallpaper by designer Luigi Colani juxtaposes natural wood-like textures with luxurious man-made metallics

A Note on Uneven Walls

Because of the way that the light plays with a metallic finish, it is worth noting that it becomes obvious when the surface is not smooth. Unless the look of a bumpy surface is intentional, you should consider using a wallpaper liner before hanging your new metallic wallpaper. Wallpaper liners are simply a thick and heavy material wallpaper that is great for covering bumps, crack, discoloration and generally any imperfections on the wall below. They are easy to hang and will look like a clean white wall. A bonus is that any wallpaper hung on top of this can also be very easily removed while dry. Win-win.

For more information about wallpapering on imperfect surfaces, check out our articles ”Can I Wallpaper Uneven Walls?” and ”How to Deal with Woodchip Wallpaper”

very shiny floral gold metallic wallpaper

Even this very shiny floral gold wallpaper can be balanced with rich purple tones and a shag rug.

To Summarize

  • Shiny metallic wallpapers are officially IN
  • Use metallic to make smaller spaces like halls and bathrooms feel bigger and brighter
  • Give a regal sophistication to more formal spaces like dining rooms or front foyers with metallic wallpaper
  • Metallics are best used in moderation and balanced out with soft textures in a room – keep your eyes open for velvet!
  • Hot color pairings include gold/copper with royal blues, purples and teals while silver goes best with warm earth tones and orangey pinks
  • Make sure your walls are completely smooth before hanging metallic wallpaper and even consider first using a wallpaper liner

Where in your home would you consider using metallic wallpaper? We want to know so answer in the comments below! metallic wallpaper pin