hollywood regency versace wallpaper pin black gold Versace Greek key wallpaper

Boldly contrasting walls adorned with black and gold Versace wallpaper are distinctively tuned to the luxurious Hollywood Regency style.

Versace Wallpaper: Regency Style for Cheaper Than You’d Expect

Conjure the image of an extravagantly large estate in Los Angeles during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Spoiler- it wouldn’t feature half-empty minimalist rooms. No, the décor in this time and place was all about rich excess; bold contrasting colors, mixing of patterns and textures, and hinting towards ornate classical rococo elements. Because of the culture of hosting and parties, rooms were designed to be more people-centric with low lying furniture which consequentially let the walls play a larger role in the look of the room. Today, one of the easiest ways to instantly invoke the Hollywood Regency vibe is to decorate with Versace wallpaper – and it’s more affordable than you might think. Keep reading to learn more about what defines Regency Moderne style and how Versace wallpaper can help you master this look.

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beige rococo demask Versace wallpaper

The juxtaposition of patterns and design styles, the art deco bench with the neoclassical Versace wallpaper, is typical of Hollywood Regency style.

What is Hollywood Regency Style Exactly?

Hollywood Regency, or Regency Moderne, is an architectural style (think sprawling LA mansions built between the 20’s and 50’s), as well as, a style of interior design to go along with these lavish constructs. Color plays a huge role in defining this style; it was all about stark contrasts, clashing and audacious jewel tones. Black and white were often used as a base (think checkers or zigzags) with one or two additional feature colors like teal, magenta, royal blue, primary yellow, orange or a deep purple. In any case, it’s important to stick to a strict color theme as a rainbow effect will lose the regency style and come across as kitschy.

Not only color, but pattern and textures were important to this décor style. Geometrics and animal prints in delicate materials like silk, satin, velvet suede or fur were very popular. This contrasts nicely with the also prelavent use of metallics. The actual look of Hollywood regency is a mishmash of other styles like mid-century modern, art deco, neoclassical and chinoiserie. In furnishing the room, this translates to frequent use of rococo ornamentation yet mixed with the clean balanced lines of art deco. Popular was the Asian inspired golden faux bamboo trim on everything from mirrors to chairs, or star burst mirrors in the mid-century modern style. Furniture items were generally low to the ground in order to put people in the spotlight and this consequentially gives more focus to the architecture of the space and the décor on the walls. Just make an effort to not just line the furniture around the perimeter of the room.

Royal Blue lines with demask Versace wallpaper

Capture some Hollywood Regency glamour with royal blue Versace wallpaper.

Creating Regency Style with Versace wallpaper

Considering that Hollywood Regency style is meant to show off a life of comfort and opulence, it is no wonder that Versace, one of the most famous high-end fashion houses on the planet, makes such great wallpaper to achieve this look. Playing with the very same color palettes and motifs as what’s seen on their runways, their mix of modern and neoclassical design elements is unmistakable.

Here’s the surprising part: Versace wallpaper is pretty cheap in price. That is to say, it’s about the same price as most wallpapers of similar quality as they don’t seem to be charging more simply for the Versace label being on the package. If you buy from Tapeto, you can expect to pay between only 8.5€ - 12€ per square meter and the price is reduced even further with the purchase of 3 rolls or more.

Naturally, designer wallpaper like Versace wallpaper is of a very high quality. The surface is made of vinyl meaning that it’s colors won’t fade even after years of exposure to direct light, and that it is water resistant. Water resistance in a wallpaper means that it can be hung in bathroom or kitchens without problems, but also, that it can be easily cleaned and will be relatively resistant to stains and other similar damages. Who would have expected Versace wallpaper to be so low-maintenance?

While the surface of Versace wallpaper is vinyl, the backing is a non-woven material. Non-woven material is an amazing recent development that’s happened in wallpaper and it makes both hanging and removing extremely easy. With non-woven wallpapers, paste is applied directly to the wall and the dry strips of wallpaper are simply hung to it – no more soaking times or messy hanging of delicate wet paper. On the flip side, removing wallpaper no longer means picking wet shreds off a wall for hours, but rather, non-wovens, like Versace wallpaper, can simply be peeled dry from the wall in one section. One could even conceivably rehang the wallpaper in a new apartment after moving if proper care is taken.

Teal Giungla Versace wallpaper

This teal Giungla Versace wallpaper would scream Regency Moderne if it were paired with some millennial pink furniture.

To Summarize

  • Hollywood Regency style was popularized through the 20’s to 50’s and it is evergreen, just like Versace
  • It is characterized by bright contrasting colors, and mixing of patterns, textures and styles (notably neoclassic with modern)
  • Furniture was low to the ground and not along the perimeter of the walls – giving focus to the people in the room but also consequently, the wallpaper
  • There is no better wallpaper to achieve this look than Versace wallpaper
  • Versace wallpaper is cheaper than you’d think priced at only 8.5€ - 12€ per square meter on Tapeto
  • Versace is, of course, very high quality, as well as, low maintenance and especially easy to both hang and remove.

Are you surprised about how affordable Versace wallpaper is? Where could you use it in your home? We want to know, let us know in the comments below!

Hollywood Regency Versace wallpaper pin