tileable wallpaper pin geometric blue tileable repeating mural

Some wallpaper murals can be tiled, like this modern blue geometric mural

Wallpaper Murals: Repeating Without the Repetitive Look

To infinity and beyond! That’s right – not all wallpaper murals need be a fixed size image and with large scale patterns being the ‘it’ thing in the wallpaper world right now, it’s no wonder that tileable repeating wallpaper murals are taking off. In fact, we’re so excited about these that we’re going to be giving 2 away at the end of May! Keep reading to learn about why these tileable repeating wallpaper murals are so innovative, the amazing range of looks and how you can win one for free!

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  • Bigger is Better
  • Product Range
  • How to Win
  • Summary
  • tileable peacock mural

    Contrary to popular belief, large design elements like those on this tileable peacock mural actually make a space look even larger!

    Bigger is Better

    While your grandma’s wallpaper probably featured a small repeating pattern (that actually makes a space feel smaller!), the wallpaper of today has big design elements that, often, you can’t even tell are repeating! Mixed with the latest craze of wallpaper murals, we now have a way to cover even larger spaces with these large bold patterns – even hallways! No more frustration with the size of the mural being too small for your wall.

    tileable horizontal wood mural

    Fool the eye with this tileable horizontal wood wallpaper mural and make your room feel extra wide!

    Product Range

    The best thing about tileable wallpaper murals is that the options really are just as endless as they are! Consider bringing a natural element to your home in the form of a repeating stone or wood wallpaper mural, or bring out your artistic side with a more abstract image or geometric pattern. Also, cool is our psychedelic and kaleidoscopic animal murals! Keep in mind that as long as a mural has repeating elements, it can be done infinitely if hung to overlap – check out our selection of tileable wallpaper murals here!

    tileable stone wall mural prize

    We’ll be giving away this lovely tileable stone wall mural! Be sure to comment here and like us on facebook to win!

    How to Win

    We are so excited about these tileable wallpaper murals that we just need to share them - so we’re having a giveaway! If you’re not already planning to redecorate, check out our post on other creative ways to use wallpaper! To win your own dandy tileable wallpaper mural, simply like our facebook page and comment here in the comment section below, and the winner will be contacted on facebook at the end of May, 2018.

    tileable flamingo wallpaper mural

    With thistileable flamingo wallpaper you can never get enough flamingos!

    To Summarize

    • Small regularly repeating wallpapers are out – instead, get yourself a tilable wallpaper mural with large design elements that will make your space look huge!
    • Wallpaper murals can repeat like normal wallpaper too.
    • Tileable wallpaper murals can feature anything from natural elements like wood or stone to more modern geometric patterns or hipster animal motifs like flamingos.
    • We’re having a giveaway – to win, simply comment below and like us on facebook!
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