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Everything you need to know about faux plaster wallpaper

Plaster, stucco, whatever you call it; it’s that soft mixture of sand and cement that’s spread to harden on the walls of that Italian villa in your dreams. There’s something romantic about this old-world staple that everyone deserves to feel in their own home. But put down that trowel and scraper – faux plaster wallpaper is the easy way to bring your dreams to life! Here’s what you need to know about achieving the look of this time-honored technique.

What is Plaster?

Most popular in the Mediterranean region, plaster, also less accurately called stucco, is a gypsum, lime or cement based mixture that is hardened onto walls as a decorative and protective element. There are many different finishes for plaster; famously Venetian plaster is highly polished and looks like marble, while unpolished plasters are matte with an earthier, rough stone feel. In unpolished plasters, designs such as stippling or semi-circle swooshes are drawn. As well, the material can be sculpted and intricate designs are often carved into the borders of a room. Overall, even authentic plaster is essentially used to cover up the less attractive surfaces below – just as you can do with the more modern solution of faux plaster wallpaper.

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Meet Plaster Effect Wallpaper

Plaster effect wallpaper is normal wallpaper, but with incredible texture giving the convincing appearance of real plaster or stucco. In fact, it’s pretty thick and comes in a wide variety of finishes embossed right into the paper from swoops and swirls to stippling - even sculpted patterns are available for borders. Faux plaster wallpaper is perfect for hiding uneven, cracking or stained walls, as it essentially acts as a new layer of plaster board – who doesn’t like a fresh start?

Take a browse through some of these examples of different textured finishes:

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Plaster Effect Wallpaper

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Tips for Painting

While faux plaster wallpaper will always come in white and can also come precolored, the most exciting part is that it’s also paintable wallpaper! With something this customizable, it is easy to stay up-to-date and always be able to perfectly match other walls in your space – no more compromising.

With glossy paint, the texture of the wallpaper will be emphasized, whereas with matte paint, the texture will become more subtle. Another fun way to emphasize the texture is to, first, apply a coat of paint in a slightly darker shade than the color of what will then, be gently painted on as a topcoat. The darker color will have seeped into the deeper embossed parts of the wallpaper while the topcoat will only be on the highest surface. This technique will create a nuanced depth to the color. A recent trend is to create some real drama with the deeper layer done in gold!

A final tip is to always test the paint, as well as the technique, on a small piece of the wallpaper (and let it dry!) before going ahead on the entire wall.

SA single coloured wallpaper Xenos light beige

Faux painting techniques on top of your faux plaster wallpaper will only enhance the effect. Buy this wallpaper here.

To Summarize

  • Plaster/stucco has been around since ancient times and can be done in a variety of styles
  • Use faux plaster wallpaper to cover up cracks or stains on the wall beneath
  • Plaster effect wallpaper comes white, precolored or can be painted at home
  • Glossy paint will bring out the wallpapers texture and matte will make it subtler
  • Try using a darker shade as a base coat then go over it gently with a lighter shade, this will create unbelievable dimension.
  • Trend alert: try using gold (paint or leaf) on the deeper layer using the above technique
  • Always test your paint and technique on a small piece first!

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