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Trends in Masculine Interior Design

Bachelor pads, man caves and any other manly spaces need not be the cliché style-impaired rooms adorned with a neon beer sign and a worn leather couch; his space can be just as put-together and trendy as it’s feminine counterpart. Of course, not all men need to inhabit a mega-manly apartment; this is why we’ve put together a collection of different design styles to inspire the modern man.

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Masculine room with blue spotted wallpaper

Blue wallpaper brings out the brown of wood and leather in the room, creating a stylish contrast.

The Woodsman

Let’s start with the most classically masculine look in the books - what we are calling ‘The Woodsman.’ Start by building a color palette that features some darker colors, as well as, neutrals. Today, black is actually a super trendy choice for a feature wall, while neutral like greens, blues, greys and browns are evergreen for men.

Once you have your strong and mysterious base, it is important to dress it up with other masculine patterns, materials and textures. The woodsman look is inspired by nature and gets its name from the predominant use of rugged materials like wood, metals and animal hides – think hunting lodge. The idea is that you capture a rough, rustic ambiance. Consider hanging a faux wood or even a faux crocodile, or elephant skin wallpaper - even plaid tartan patterns (like a kilt or a lumberjack!) would fit well with this look.

Peeling painted brick wallpaper

Create a manly minimalism with an exposed brick wallpaper.

The Minimalist

If you hate the outdoors and hunting lodge style is the opposite of your thing, then maybe a more classy and elegant minimalist look might be right up your alley. To master this style, just keep it simple and focus on functionality. To be fair, minimalism is pretty gender neutral – but there are ways to tilt it more in a masculine direction. Paintable wallpaper or even a faux cork would be perfect additions to this look. As well, play more with metals or even lean towards a grittier, industrial minimalism with something like a concrete wallpaper mural. Rough, unrefined materials like wood, concrete and brick tend to just scream masculinity.

Grey and Gold Geometric Hipster Wallpaper

Clean cut and smart is what this geometric lins wallpaper says.

The Hipster

Hipster style plays a lot more with pattern and motif, making masculinity more fun than ever before! Make your space feel modern with a geometric wallpaper – lean towards more angular looks over round for a manlier feel. If you are feeling even more adventurous, consider hanging a wallpaper with a motif. Versatile, relatively gender neutral and super trendy today is tropical wallpaper prints featuring big green banana leaf plants, monsteras and palms. This is the perfect décor idea to balance both masculine and feminine energies - very 2018.

star wars wallpaper mural

Be yourself and decorate with what you love – even if that’s comic books and Star Wars!

The Geek

Last but not least, let’s talk about ‘Geek Style’, because hey, some people just want some unpretentious design ideas that will speak to what they love. So to all the comic book lovers and Star Wars fans – just hang up a classic comic book cover wallpaper or Star Wars mural, and enjoy your space!

masculine tropical wallpaper feature wall

To Summarize

  • Masculine color palettes tend towards darker more neutral color like greens, blues, greys and browns.
  • Black is ultra on-trend right now – consider it for a feature wall!
  • Try a rugged, rustic look with elements of wood, metal, animal hides and plaid.
  • Go minimal with cork or a faux concrete wallpaper mural for a grittier industrial feel.
  • Don’t be afraid of geometric or even tropical patterns for a hipster look.
  • Be yourself and decorate with what you love – even if that’s comic books and Star Wars!

What’s type of masculine style speaks to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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