can i wallpaper ceramic tiles pin Mediterranean Blue Tile Wallpaper

Faux tile wallpaper over real tiles? Cover your ugly tiles with this classy Mediterranean blue tile wallpaper!

How to wallpaper on ceramic tiles (and other slick surfaces)

Changing the tiles in a kitchen is most definitely the most efficient way to drastically update the look. But removing tiles in a kitchen is no walk in the park; it’s time consuming, difficult work and permanent. For many, it might simply not be realistic. That’s when the dream of just being able to cover them up pops into your mind. The good news is that with a few easy steps, you CAN wallpaper over ceramic tiles.

Read Ahead:

  • Step 1: Degrease
  • Step 2: Make it Stick
  • Step 3: Grouting Cracks
  • Step 4: Wallpaper Liner
  • Step 5: Hang Wallpaper!
  • Other considerations
  • Summary round white disk tiles wallpaper

    Cover dated tiles with this modern round tile wallpaper.

    Step 1: Degrease

    Clean the tile wall super thoroughly to get any possible grease or any other contaminants that might prevent wallpaper from properly sticking. Then make sure the wall is completely dry before proceeding.

    Step 2: Make it Stick

    Our main challenge here is the shiny non-porous surface of tiles that wallpaper will simply not stick to as it is. Therefore, we must do something to make the surface rougher so that the wallpaper adhesive will have something to stick to.


    Use a belt sander to remove the glossy finish on the tiles. Once this process is finished, make sure to triple wash the surface to ensure there is no fine dust left on the wall that will hinder the wallpaper from sticking.



    If you want to avoid damaging the old tiles below, coat the tile wall with an ESP (Easy Surface Prep) product. This stuff allows you to transform smooth shiny non-porous surfaces into surfaces you can paint and stick wallpaper to. Simply apply it with a brush and wipe off any excess once it’s dry. Then wait 2- 7 days to apply wallpaper – we need to ensure there is absolutely no moisture getting trapped!

    Step 3: Grouting Cracks

    Depending on whether or not you sanded or if you want to maintain the shape of the tiles underneath, you can fill the grid of cracks between the tiles with some sort of filler. Just use spackling and wait until it is completely dry before proceeding to wallpapering. As well, it is a good idea to give the dry spackling a quick sanding by hand to even it out. Wash the wall thoroughly after this to ensure no fine dust is left behind to prevent your wallpaper from sticking. Again, make sure the wall is completely dry before wallpapering

    Step 4: Wallpaper Liner

    To make sure any wallpaper will stay put, first hang a heavy duty wallpaper liner. Be aware that this will smooth out the tile cracks significantly and if you want to keep them, you can also skip this step.

    Step 5: Hang Wallpaper!

    You’re finally ready to wallpaper your tiles! Just wallpaper as usual and if a wallpaper liner was not used, choose the strongest adhesive you can find, just for good measure.

    Multicolored mix and match tiles wallpaper

    Tiles can be nice! Look at the beautiful variety in this multicolored mix and match tile wallpaper.

    Other Considerations

    Tiles are usually installed in places that come into contact with water like bathrooms or in places that should be easy to clean like kitchens. This means that the wallpaper you pick should generally be waterproof and be able to be scrubbed without sustaining damage. Go for vinyl wallpapers over paper, and it’s a better idea to pick smooth wallpapers that can be easily cleaned and won’t hold water or dirt in their texture.

    Now just because you can wallpaper over tiles, doesn’t mean you should go crazy with all the tiles in your home. For instance, have fun wallpapering over the tiles in your bathroom but forget the ones directly in the shower, this just won’t last. Furthermore, when doing a kitchen backsplash, pay special attention that at the bottom edge of the wallpaper, there is no chance for water to seep in.

    Big black faux tile wallpaper

    Big dark tiles are a great way to give your place sleek modern style.

    To Summarize

    • Have tiles but don’t like the pattern? Consider putting a faux tile wallpaper over real tiles of the same size just to freshen up the look!
    • Before applying wallpaper, always make sure the wall is grease-free, dust-free and completely dry
    • The shiny surface of tiles needs to be dealt with via ESP (Easy Surface Prep) or sanding before any wallpaper will stick
    • Wallpaper liner will really ensure the wallpaper stays up!
    • Choose smooth waterproof wallpapers like vinyl
    • Don’t wallpaper the tiles directly in your shower or in any place where water might be able to seep in the edges.

    What do your kitchen or bathroom tiles look like now? How do you wish they looked? Answer in the comments below!

    Can I wallpaper over ceramic tiles pin