bedroom wallpaper pin Earthy bronze bedroom wallpaper

Welcome a zen vibe to your sleep space with this earth toned bronze wallpaper.

What to think about when wallpapering a bedroom

I’m sure you’ve heard that the best color for a bedroom is blue, being as calming and tranquil as it is. But is color psychology really that simple and how does it work when we throw wallpaper and patterns in to the mix? Keep reading to find out how color and pattern actually affect us and how you can you can pick the colors and patterns that stimulate the right moods for the function of your space. Afterall, not everyone just uses their bedrooms for sleeping.

Baby Pink floral Bedroom Wallpaper

Most people would associate this soft pink floral wallpaper with femininity and youth.

How color affects our mood

I’m sure you’ve heard about a supposed correlation between room color and mood; red being aggressive and passionate, blue being productive and calming, and so on. But is this more than pseudoscience and what happens when we throw patterned wallpaper in the mix?

As it turns out, studies have shown a direct correlation between color and mood, but not that each color inherently causes a specific feeling for every person. What this means is that different colors cause different moods for different people, depending on the associations that each individual has with each color. So while statistically, babies might cry more in yellow rooms or people tend to have less nightmares in green rooms, this will not be true for all people. Factors that affect how colors make us feel include personal taste, cultural background, social status, aspirations and our personal/professional circumstances, among many, many others.

The take away here, which can also be applied to wallpaper patterns, is that there is no set-in-stone mood a color will cause you to have and that you need sit down to do some reflection on your personal relationship with different colors and patterns. Don’t buy into blanket advice like orange being inherently bad for bedrooms and so on; the psychology of color is much more complicated than this. We perceive colors always in contexts, so blue will feel completely different depending on what colors its combined with. As well, the motifs in a wallpaper have a huge effect on the mood outside of color alone.

Yellow Cactus Motif Bedroom Wallpaper

Choose a wallpaper with colors and patterns that speak to your personality. What is your gut feeling about this beige cactus wallpaper?

Choosing color and pattern for a bedroom

As stated above, choosing a wallpaper for your bedroom is an intensely personal decision. Open your ears to your first impressions and quiet thoughts when you first lay eyes on a pattern; this will be the strongest signal to how something will subconsciously make you feel. Don’t bother talking yourself into wallpapers that you might not initially be drawn towards as that underlying feeling will likely persist.

The second step after listening to your heart, is finding wallpapers that give you a feeling that is compatible with the function of a space. When your primary use of your bedroom is sleep, picking a super crazy pattern will generally not be conducive to shutting your brain down.

Pink Leopard Graphic Bedroom Wallpaper

Only cover the wall behind the headboard if you are worried about this graphic pink leopard wallpaper being to exciting for sleep

Strategies for multi-functional bedrooms

Everyone uses their bedroom to sleep, but for some, this is not the rooms only function. Especially among the younger crowd, bedrooms are extremely multi-functional, being used for general hangout, study space and for *ehem* entertaining guests. One strategy for rooms with multiple uses is to find different but complimentary wallpapers and use them to delineate the separate functional zones in one room. The idea is to strike a harmony and not let one zone steal all of the attention.

If you are inexplicably drawn to wallpapers with exciting patterns or colors, one thing you can also do is put this on the wall that will be behind the headboard of the bed or have your back turned to it when you sit at your desk. In this way, you can get the enjoyment from the fun wallpaper when experiencing the room as a whole, but be able to escape it when trying to study or sleep.

Bedroom Wallpaper Guidelines pin

To Summarize

  • Color psychology is complicated!
  • How color and pattern effects one’s mood is impacted by taste, gender, cultural background, inspirations and aspirations, etc. – blanket generalizations are silly.
  • Think deeply about what you personally associate with certain colors or patterns.
  • Colors have different effects depending on their context (motifs in a wallpaper or what other colors they are paired with).
  • Listen to your quiet first thoughts and impressions when looking at prospective wallpapers – don’t try to talk yourself into something you initially didn’t fancy.
  • Find wallpapers that inspire moods that match the function of the space!
  • Use complimentary wallpapers with different moods to delineate different spaces within one multi-functional room.
  • Put busy wallpapers behind the head of the bed or to your back at a desk to avoid distraction.

What colors or patterns are you most drawn to?