Are wallpaper borders out of style pin rainbow striped border

This thick, non-repeating wallpaper border is doing something a little different.

Are wallpaper borders still in fashion this year?

Ok, it’s true that wallpaper borders aren’t the new hot trend of 2018, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still pull them off. This year there’s been some genuinely cool new designs coming out and their worth taking a look at – wallpaper borders need not be the kitschy middle-of-the-wall divider that your grandma was probably sporting. From wrapping doorways or completing your classically styled interior design with a frieze to adding a high-fashion designer touch to your space, rest assured that wallpaper borders still have a place in stylish interior design today.

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Bamboo leaf borders

This bamboo leaf border is the opposite of kitsch.

Alternate Ways to Hang Borders

As we all know, hanging a wallpaper border around a room about middle-wall height is nothing new and I say this to imply that it’s a little bit dated. But don’t take this the wrong way – wallpaper borders are still a great way to create a theme in a space and highlight architectural features like doors. This year in interior design is all about being creative, bold and thinking outside the box a little bit. So try something different with wallpaper borders like hanging a border vertically as an alternative way to create an accent wall or using borders to wrap a doorway.

The other positive thing about wallpaper borders is that they are often self-adhesive making them ultra-easy to hang. Check out our huge selection of wallpaper borders here.

Indian Style Blue Tile Frieze Border

Make your home feel cultured with an Indian style blue faux tile frieze wallpaper border.

Classy Classical Design: Friezes

Friezes are the border of pattern or pictures wrapping a room at the top of a wall, classically in Greek or Indian interiors. With the return of classically inspired interior design, this can be a trendy way to use a wallpaper border. As well, having a focal point so high above will draw the eye up and give the impression of sky high ceilings.

Many of our borders are raised or embossed and even paintable to seriously complete the illusion that it is carved right into your wall.

Gold Versace Greek Key Medusa Wallpaper Border

Luxury is always in style – add some decadence to your home with gold Versace Greek key wallpaper borders.

High Fashion Borders

One option that is evergreen and always in style, is to decorate with designer brands, like Versace, who happen to also make completely stylish wallpaper borders. Not so coincidentally, they also draw from classical interior design with obvious Greek influences like the signature Greek key pattern and their Medusa Head logo. The best part is that Versace wallpaper borders are more affordable than you might expect – check out our selection of designer borders here.

To Summarize

  • Mid-wall borders are dated but there are plenty of other fresh new ways of hanging borders
  • Create a highlight wall with vertical wallpaper borders
  • Use wallpaper borders to frame a doorway or window
  • Mimic a classic ‘frieze’ by hanging embossed borders around the room at the top of the wall
  • Classic interiors are evergreen and always in style
  • Use Versace wallpaper borders to avoid any connotations of kitsch

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