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Take decorating up a level with this bright orange floral on faux tiles wallpaper

Considerations for wallpaper in high-traffic halls and stairs

Most often, hallways and stairs are right at the entrances of our homes, meaning that this is that space that will be giving off the first impression and is what will set the tone for the entire home. Along with being at the front of a space, comes high amounts of traffic, requiring us to make some extra considerations when choosing a suitable wall covering. But not only are halls and stairs used differently than a typical room, they are also shaped differently, usually being more long and narrow than a typical room or having the wall height of two levels in the case of stairs. Stay tuned for how to harness the design potential of these unique spaces.

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  • Symbols to look for
  • Choosing color for halls or stairs
  • Choosing pattern for halls or stairs
  • Which walls to cover
  • To Summarize Soft green floral with deer

    Not everyone's front hall is as tame as this. Take proper precautions in high-traffic areas with durable wallpaper like this soft green floral wallpaper with deer.

    Symbols to look for

    When it comes to wallpaper for a hall or stairway, you want to pick something that can stand up to the shoes being kicked off and the bikes being leaned against the wall. Any wallpaper you choose should definitely have some impact resistance.

    Impact Resistance

    Impact Resistance

    Wallpapers with an impact resistance marking like this will be able to endure shocks of up to one joule of energy.

    What you also need to account for are scuff marks and mud from the dog; you will want a wallpaper that can be rubbed a little with a cloth without getting damaged. We recommend choosing a wallpaper that is at least ‘extra washable’, ‘scrubbable’ or at best, ‘extra scrubbable’.

    Extra Washable

    Extra Washable

    With soapy water on a damp cloth, some greasy stains can be wiped from this wallpaper without causing damage if action is taken quickly.



    Using mild abrasives or detergents on a soft sponge or brush, dirt, most domestic water based stains and even some oil, fat or solvent based stains can be removed

    Extra Scrubbable

    Extra Scrubbable

    Dirt and all domestic water based stains may be cleaned form the wallpaper by intensive treatment with a sponge or soft brush and mild detergent or abrasives. Oils, fats and some solvent based stains can be removed as well.

    For more information about wallpaper care symbols, check out our article “Understanding Wallpaper Symbols” Tropical birds with branches wallpaper

    The colors chosen for hallways can be used to tie the adjoining rooms color schemes together. A multicolored wallpaper like this colorful birds and branches wallpaper would work perfectly

    Choosing color for halls or stairs

    Darker color

    In a regular room, the strategy is usually to try and fool the eyes into thinking the space is bigger than it is. However, this is much less important with transitional spaces like halls and stairs. In fact, it is a common architectural trick to make entrance spaces smaller and darker so that when you are released into the following room, it feels comparatively much more bright and airy; the ‘squeeze and squirt’ effect, if you will.


    Remember that spaces like halls and stairs are transitional spaces; no one is chilling there for very long. If the transition is from outside to inside, like a front hall or foyer might be, green is a popular color choice as a pleasant transition from nature to inside the home. If the hall is joining two rooms, find a wallpaper with notes of the colors from each room. This smooth transition from room to room will create incredible harmony for your home as a whole.

    Blue Red Graphic Checker Wallpaper

    We only experience spaces like halls or stairs for short bursts of time so they can afford dramatic wallpaper like this bright blue and red checkered wallpaper

    Choosing pattern for halls or stairs

    Be Yourself

    Both hallways and stairs are such an amazing opportunity to use wallpaper; where else do you have so much length or height to get the full impact of a wallpaper? These spaces are often overlooked because we spend so little time there, but this is all the more reason to experiment and try something bold. With so much potential, it is a complete waste for these areas to be kept boring; halls and stairs can afford more drama than any other space. That being said, pick something that reflects your personality and forget the rules that are usually applied to normal rooms. Big irregular patterns will work just as well as simple reoccurring patterns in these unique spaces.

    Faux ZigZag Brick Wallpaper with Green

    Use a wallpaper like this zigzagged faux green brick wallpaper to delineate different functional spaces.

    Which walls to cover

    Feature Wall

    One way you can liven up a deserving hallway or staircase without overwhelming it, would be to pick only select walls to cover. But when no wall is the obvious ‘highlight’ wall, many are often stumped on which walls to cover. If there are doors in this hallway, pick the wall that people will see when they walk through the doorway. Alternatively, if one wall extends longer than the other into another room, this is often the better wall to wallpaper. In general, you want the chosen wallpaper wall to be brighter and in a more visible place. It looks silly to have your ‘feature’ wall be too hidden.

    Demarcating Space

    Also on the topic of selective wallpapering, in areas where there might be things like seating, storage or mail, wallpaper is also a great way to delineate separate functional places without actually taking up any space to do it!

    Sultry Brown and Copper Striped Wallpaper

    Statement wallpaper need not be bright and flashy, a sultry sophisticated wallpaper can set the mood just as well.

    To Summarize

    • Hallways often must set a first impression and a mood for the entire space
    • Halls and stairs are high traffic areas and functionally suitable wallpaper can be found by looking at the care symbols for washability and impact resistance
    • Transition spaces like these don’t follow the same design rules as normal rooms
    • Darker colors and busier patterns in these transitions paces will make the room you enter afterwards feel especially bright and open
    • Green is a popular color for front halls to transition from the outside to inside
    • Cover all the walls with wallpaper or just one (being the longer wall or the more visible wall)
    • Use wallpaper to create visually separate functional spaces in front halls

    What do your halls and stairs look like? What do you want them to look like? Answer in the comments below!

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