springtime home decor ideas pin giant rose wallpaper mural

With the help of a giant rose motif wallpaper mural, the décor in this room is blossoming.

Spring Cleaning? Try a Spring Home Makeover!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. Yes, spring is in the air and who doesn’t love that feeling? We have some fresh ideas on how to keep that warm, alive feeling in your home year-round – keep reading to find out how!

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magnolia blossom wallpaper

This gentle pink magnolia branch wallpaper is the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of the spring year-round.

Floral Wallpaper

Spring is characterised by a warm airy fresh feeling and of course, the new life of flowers blooming – so what better way to capture the essence of spring than to decorate with floral wallpaper? Don’t be scared off by your grandma’s old floral wallpaper either; modern floral wallpaper has a lot of different looks to offer from chinoiserie style blossoms to breathtaking large format murals.

Cherry blossom ceiling wallpaper

Drape you room in cherry blossom ceiling wallpaper for an effortless and lasting feeling of spring.

Statement Ceilings

Another strategy for achieving that spring clean look is to stick with white walls, but to keep the space from getting too boring, try out the newest trend of statement ceilings! Way easier than painting your ceilings, is hanging up a monochrome wallpaper or better yet, a light floral or open sky wallpaper. Something about it make the space feel cozy yet open – perfect for springtime.

Bright spring monochrome wallpaper

Wallpapers in bright springy colors are the new pastel.

Bright vs Pastel Colors

Classic advice would tell you that if you like the feeling of spring, to then decorate with light pastel colors; think Easter vibes. While this strategy is somewhat timeless, if you want you home to look as on-trend as possible, then actually, decorating in bright versions of the classic spring colors is what you want to do. This year is all about bright and bold – even when it comes to springy colors. Just look at Patone’s color selections for Spring 2018!

Magnolia Blossom Wallpaper Mural
  • You can’t go wrong with floral wallpaper when trying to capture the essence of spring in your home – even consider trying a wallpaper mural!
  • One of the hottest trends this year is statement ceilings and it’s great for creating cozy and open spring ambiance.
  • Opt for monochrome wallpapers in bright springy colors over dated pastels.

How are you decorating for spring? Let us know in the comments below! Spring Home Décor pin