Shiny Silver Geometric on Pure Black Wallpaper | Non-Woven | Savile Row | Rasch Textil

"Rubina" in anthracite is a very luxurious wallpaper, which has an oriental-tinted pattern and geometric shapes. It sparkles like stars as it is trimmed with high-quality glass beads. There is a lot to discover, from squares to circles and vertically and horizontally running bars. These are the elements that generate a 3D effect and thus a harmonious picture. It fits perfectly in your living room or bedroom, as it does not have an oppressive effect due to the muted background colour and is still an optical highlight. "Rubina" is also available in the following three colours: grey-beige, brown-grey and gold-beige.

  • wallpaper Rubina anthracite
  • Measurements: 10,05 x 0,53 m (length x width)
  • straight match, pattern repeat: 64 cm
  • Material: non-woven
  • Surface: glass beads are palpable
  • Visual effect: wallaper ground is matte, pattern is shimmering, glittering
  • Colour: anthracite
  • Style: ornaments
  • Room: e.g. living, room,, bedroom, dining, room, lounge
  • Connotation: ornament, circle, line, glass beads

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  • Grammage: 300 g/m2
  • Certificates:
    • RAL (quality-proved wallpaper)


  • straight match, pattern repeat: 64 cm
  • support material: non-woven
  • apply paste to wall
  • dry completely removable


  • Good resistance to light
  • water-resistant
  • CE
1. Kind of wallpaper
3. Base color
4. Pattern color
5. Material
6. Surface & Haptic
bold relief
7. Quality & Seals
8. Style
9. Processing
straight match
apply paste to wall
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