Bright Blue Mixed Medditerranean Tile Wallpaper | Non-Woven | Cabana | Rasch Texil

Karla in blue is a beautifully unusual wallpaper that gives your living room or bedroom a very special look. The pattern consists of tiles that are colourful and decorated with different ornamentations. Whether floral elements, ornaments or abstract shapes or figures, this dessin offers so much to discover. Some of the tiles have "signs of usage", such as yellowed colours or stains, so that you get a mediterranean and rustic impression. This version looks particularly charming with Alvar in blue because their colours match very well. Karla is also available in the following two colours: turquoise and black.

  • wallpaper Karla blue
  • Measurements: 10,05 x 0,53 m (length x width)
  • straight match, pattern repeat: 53 cm
  • Material: non-woven
  • Surface: fine surface structure
  • Visual effect: matte tile look
  • Colour: blue, white
  • Style: ornaments
  • Room: e.g. living, room,, bedroom, kitchen, dining, room
  • Connotation: tile, ornament

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  • Grammage: 207 g/m2
  • Certificates:
    • RAL (quality-proved wallpaper)


  • straight match, pattern repeat: 53 cm
  • support material: non-woven
  • apply paste to wall
  • dry completely removable


  • Good resistance to light
  • wash-resistant
  • CE
1. Kind of wallpaper
3. Base color
4. Pattern color
5. Material
6. Surface & Haptic
fine structure
7. Quality & Seals
8. Style
9. Processing
straight match
apply paste to wall
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