Teal Blue Quartefoil Print in Gold Wallpaper | Non-Woven | Sahara | Rasch Texil

"Darcy" in blue grey is a terrific wallpaper, that not everyone has. Its design is reminiscent of chain links that are arranged vertically and consist of stars and half circles. The special feature is that the pattern, decorated with glass beads, changes colour depending on the light incident. Either it appears silvery or in a beautiful dark blue, whereby the background partially shines through. The background seems to be blue grey when the beads appear silvery and are complemented with gold, if the beads are multi-coloured. "Darcy" is also available in the following two colours: gold brown and light grey.

  • wallpaper Darcy blue-grey
  • Measurements: 10,05 x 0,53 m (length x width)
  • straight match, pattern repeat: 64 cm
  • Material: non-woven
  • Surface: pattern made of glass beads
  • Visual effect: background is shimmering, pattern is glittering
  • Colour: blue-grey, gold
  • Style: ornaments
  • Room: e.g. living, room,, bedroom, dining, room, lounge
  • Connotation: ornament, glass beads, dagger, cross

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  • Grammage: 300 g/m2
  • Certificates:
    • RAL (quality-proved wallpaper)


  • straight match, pattern repeat: 64 cm
  • support material: non-woven
  • apply paste to wall
  • dry completely removable


  • Good resistance to light
  • water-resistant
  • CE
1. Kind of wallpaper
3. Base color
4. Pattern color
5. Material
6. Surface & Haptic
bold relief
7. Quality & Seals
8. Style
9. Processing
straight match
apply paste to wall
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