Rich Aubergine Purple Banded Striped Wallpaper | Non-Woven | Jaipur | Rasch Textil

Gideon in aubergine is a terrifically glittering wallpaper with a close-meshed pattern. The matte pinstripe pattern of the background provides structure so that the small, individual elements in the foreground do not look too disarranged. These are small beams that run below or side by side along the entire length. In addition they have a very special effect, because depending on the light incident about half of the elements glitters or shines in purple metallic. So it will never get boring in your living room or bedroom! Gideon is also available in the following five colours: stone purple, mother of pearl, light grey, silk gold and grey violet.

  • wallpaper Gideon aubergine
  • Measurements: 10,05 x 0,53 m (length x width)
  • no matching
  • Material: non-woven
  • Surface: pattern is slightly raised
  • Visual effect: background is matte, pattern glitters
  • Colour: aubergine, black, purple
  • Style: geometric
  • Room: e.g. living, room,, bedroom, hall, lounge
  • Connotation: line

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  • Grammage: 263 g/m2
  • Certificates:
    • RAL (quality-proved wallpaper)


  • no matching
  • support material: non-woven
  • apply paste to wall
  • dry completely removable


  • Good resistance to light
  • wash-resistant
  • CE
1. Kind of wallpaper
3. Base color
4. Pattern color
5. Material
6. Surface & Haptic
fine structure
7. Quality & Seals
8. Style
9. Processing
no matching
apply paste to wall
dry completely removable
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