About Tapeto

My name is Steffen Hannes; together with a small team, I run the Tapeto-Online-Shop. Our defined goal: to bring more variety and colour into German households - true to the motto: No power to woodchip wallpapers!

But why just wallpapers?

I originally took the first step into self-employment with an online shop for young design products. When my business partner took a different career path, I decided to redesign the shop and concentrate on just one product. Wallpapers by me!

That was the best decision I could make. The product range of wallpapers is incredibly diverse and (in the true sense of the word) colourful. I really like how much you can achieve with wallpaper – much more than with a small design object that you put into a corner. Wallpaper changes the whole room and accordingly the complete feeling of living in your home.

When I met my wife Diana in 2013, it didn’t take long before she was also caught up in the world of wallpapers. And so we set up a glittering kitchen, a blue and white bathroom and a living room with a self-designed mural in our first shared apartment.

From zero to hundred?

After the launch in 2006, Tapeto has grown slowly, but constantly. In the first month, I sold just two rolls of wallpaper. A new order was such a special moment that every time that happened a jingle played on the computer - for the extra bit of motivation.

And then things were looking up quite quickly. The product portfolio grew and orders increased. After three years I opened my own office in the Spreewald-region and hired my first employee. I registered Tapeto as a brand name (unique in the world of wallpapers!).

In 2015, I moved to Berlin-Köpenick with my wife. Together we dared to restart with a new employee, a new shop system and a revised website.

Tapeto has been successfully on the market for ten years. Our assortment is in the “five-digit” range - with an upward trend. The key for our success is not only the excellent product selection but also outstanding communication and consulting. We always advise fair and square and send you free samples by request.

What does the future say?

New projects, new ideas - there are many of them. We want to focus more on innovative products (such as LED wallpapers) and unusual designs (such as manufacturers who are currently not represented in Germany).

We have planned to work together even more closely with interior designers and hotels. Their walls are a source of inspiration for many people and help to make wallpapers more popular as a design element. So many things are possible, you just have to start!

In private life we are also on a course for growth: In August 2016 my wife and I became parents. Of course the appropriate wallpaper already has been hung in the childrens room.

Do you have any questions?

Call us at 030/8103 7855 or write an e-mail to Please don’t hesitate to contact us at all times.

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