8-515 Ocean breeze mural

Product specification:

Articles made my Komar are very popular and convincing, especially their price-performance ratio. Whether murals, door wallpaper or wall sticker; here you will find unique designs for your home.

Many types of dunes exist in the world, all formed under the infl uence of gravity. Wind then shapes these structures gradually over time. True dunes must be separated from the dunes that form on semi-humid beaches under the presence of vegetation, which helps to trap the sand. On beaches, dunes could be considered “alive“ as they continually change shape as wind and tides affect their construction.

Field of application:

  • colour: coloured
  • room: retail outlet, foyer, office, hall, bedroom, living room
  • style: photowallpaper, photowalls, giant posters, photomotives, murals, photomurals, wall decor
  • material: paper


  • mural: 3,68 x 2,54 m (width x height)
  • number of parts: 8 (4 upper, 4 below)
  • weight: 1900 g
  • adhesive is attached to the commodity!

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1. Kind of wallpaper
3. Base color
5. Material
6. Surface & Haptic
8. Style
9. Processing
apply paste to wallpaper
remove when moist
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